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News Blitz 7/20: Julian Edelman, Rob Ninkovich talk Tom Brady

Today’s News Blitz has a couple of Tom Brady’s teammates making recent public appearances and answering questions about the quarterback’s ongoing NFL appeal process.

It's an issue that's hung over the Patriots and Tom Brady for six months and appears poised to be a part of the football story in New England for at least a little while longer.

Unfortunately, Deflategate isn't going away, even if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell does in fact issue his decision on Brady's appeal soon, as is being rumored.

As such, and with the Brady himself remaining silent, teammates are going to be asked about the quarterback's situation any time they have reporters in front of them.

That was the case over the weekend for Julian Edelman at his youth football camp when he told that Brady was, “a little ticked off.”

Rob Ninkovich also dealt with the Deflategate questions in New Hampshire, where he drove the pace car for a NASCAR Sprint Cup race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. also delves into what might be learned about various decision makers based on how Brady's appeal unfolds. The site also has its usual Sunday notes column, with budding TV star Field Yates in pinch-writing duty.

Both the *Boston* *Globe* and the *Boston* *Herald* recap Rob Gronkowski and his family appearing on Celebrity Family Feud in an episode that aired Sunday night.

The* Globe's* Sunday notes look at how Brady might be getting pulled in different directions by his various advisors. is looking forward to the end of the “dumbest offseason in NFL history." kicks off a new pre-training-camp series with the 10 most important Patriots for 2015, kicking off with Chandler Jones at No. 10. The site continues its run of the top 50 players of the Belichick era in New England with Rob Gronkowski at No. 9. And lightning-rod presidential candidate Donald Trump reportedly passed on buying the Patriots back in 1988. ranks the league's best backup QBs, with New England's Jimmy Garoppolo coming in at an impressive No. 4 overall.

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