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News Blitz 8/24: Wayne in town?

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

This Monday morning, there's an ESPN report that the Patriots, who are hurting at wide receiver, have brought in veteran Reggie Wayne for a look.

Health is also a factor for New England's linebacker corps, according to a *Boston Globe *piece today.

The *Boston Herald*, meanwhile, focuses on safety Devin McCourty's recent return to cornerback.

In *The Providence Journal*, you'll find a couple of different pieces on two Patriots wide receivers, Brandon Gibson (who was injured against the Saints) and rookie Chris Harper, who had a productive night for the second straight week. offers a Patriots progress report halfway through the preseason. has a couple of interesting features, one on avoiding preseason injuries to stars like Rob Gronkowski, the other on how Tom Brady is getting support from a high-profile player on the Cleveland Browns.

And reports on how former Patriots WR Randy Moss continues to hint at coming out of retirement.

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