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News Blitz 8/8: Positives and negatives from last night's game

This edition of the news blitz highlights all the positives and negatives from last night's pre-season loss to the Washington Redskins.

One of the few bright spots in last night's 23-6 pre-season loss to the Washington Redskins was Jimmy Garoppolo's impressive performance under center. Phil Perry wrote a full recap on Garoppolo's night over at Comcast SportsNet.

"In the pocket, it looked like Garoppolo didn't have to process too much. He made his reads quickly and decisively pulled the trigger time and again," wrote Perry. "Garoppolo appeared to have the ability to make each throw on time and with accuracy.

View photos from the Patriots preseason game against the Washington Redskins on Thursday, August 7, 2014.

Garoppolo's strong performance bumped him to the top of Erik Frenz's stock watch list on Frenz had Malcolm Butler, Tavon Wilson, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Brian Tyms as players who's stock is on the rise after last night's game. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ryan Mallett, Ryan Wendell, Roy Finch, and Nate Solder made the list as players who's stock is falling. ** Mike Reiss posted his own stock watch list for ESPN Boston and had Butler, Tyms, and Garoppolo also on the rise.

Reiss also followed up on Chris Jones' injury from last night. He says that Jones is likely to miss the rest of the preseason with a left ankle injury. According to the report, the injury does not appear to be season-ending but more tests are scheduled for today to confirm the initial diagnosis.

CSN's Tom Curran posted what he thought were the best and worst takeaways from the game last night. Meanwhile, back in Massachusetts, Phil Perry joined Michael Felger and Lou Merloni on "Sports Tonight" to discuss all the positives and negatives from the Patriots performance.

"Logan Ryan was a guy I thought struggled tonight," said Perry on the show. "He had a had a really good camp up until tonight. He got burned a couple times tonight on a slant that I thought he should have been able to cover a little bit better."

One of the common beliefs prior to the Patriots' Thursday night matchup against the Washington Redskins was that the team chose to sit Tom Brady in order to showcase Ryan Mallett and boost his trade value. Despite Mallett's poor performance last night, Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe is convinced the Patriots are still on a mission to pump up his value.

"But if Mallett were so good, don't you think that Bill Belichick would be fighting to keep him as Brady's successor, and not pumping Mallett's trade value the way it was getting pumped up around May's NFL Draft?" wrote Gasper.

This idea that the Patriots are trying to showcase Mallett has caught on like wildfire, but ESPN's Adam Schefter says that none of it is true. Schefter believes that Mallett has a lot more value to the Patriots than he does to other teams around the league.

"The truth of the matter is, at the draft and now, he has never been close to being traded," said Schefter. "They're not trading Mallett now. That speculation continues to go on, but there's really not a lot to it right now."

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