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News Blitz 9/20: Gauging Garoppolo's status

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It was an interesting Monday all across New England this week and the big question had to do with the health of Jimmy Garoppolo. Rookie Jacoby Brissett was forced to come off the bench to replace the injured Garoppolo late in the first half in Sunday's win over Miami, but now there are multiple conflicting reports regarding the severity of the shoulder injury and how long, if at all, Garoppolo will be out. says the Patriots don’t have plans to add a quarterback for Thursday night's game against the Texans. The Boston Globe says it’s not time to rule Garoppolo out just yet but the team is preparing to go with Brissett.

The Boston Herald says the Patriots are finding out how the rest of the league lives when it comes to dealing with injuries at quarterback. Former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is a big believer in Brissett, although the* Herald* believes he needs to protect himself better.

Regardless of the Patriots quarterback situation, Belichick has plenty of respect for Texans coach and former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien.

Belichick said the biggest difference for the running game late against Miami was simple: blocking. The Boston Globe takes a look back at some of the key plays from the Dolphins game. The Patriots received passing grades for their victory. says Tom Brady is enjoying the team’s success while expressing frustration over not being able to play.

In Houston, they're preparing for both Brissett and Garoppolo. With a short week, Texans coach O'Brien spent Sunday night at the stadium to prepare for the Patriots.

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