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News Blitz: Hightower to return?

All eyes are on Dont'a Hightower and Malcolm Butler as the two free agents continue to shop for the deals they're looking for. has an update on Hightower's situation, which has included stops to chat with the Jets and Steelers in recent days, as well as Butler's visit with the Saints. The Boston Globe says Hightower left Pittsburgh without signing.

The Eagle Tribune takes a look at the situation with Hightower and Butler and tries to make sense of it. As usual in these cases, it comes down to money. says the Patriots shouldn't bend an inch during negotiations with Butler. Add the Texans to the teams reportedly interested in acquiring Butler.

Not all media members are convinced the Patriots offseason has been a home run thus far. says things could look a lot worse if New England loses two more key defensive starters in free agency.

Meanwhile, the Patriots continued to be active in the market by adding former Bengals running back Rex Burkhead. offers a scouting report on Burkhead to let Patriots fans know the kind of back they're getting. believes the Patriots offense has the potential to make opponents' heads spin with its personnel groupings.

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