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NFL Security screening reminders for bundled up Patriots fans

Fans encouraged to arrive at gates prepared for NFL security screening

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – In anticipation of 70,000 bundled up Patriots fans arriving for tomorrow's AFC Divisional Playoff vs. the Baltimore Ravens, we are reminding fans to arrive early and to take a few steps before the security screening to expedite the process.

Fans arriving for the game at Gillette Stadium gates, plaza areas, or other areas where fans queue for entry into the stadium must have bags that are in compliance with the NFL's clear bag policy. For additional information on the NFL's clear bag policy, please go to

All arriving guests are screened by metal detectors, a process that is considerably slowed when patrons forget to take cell phones, keys or loose change out of their pockets prior to the screening. In an effort to expedite the process, especially when our guests are arriving bundled up for cold weather, we are reminding all fans to remove ALL METALLIC ITEMS from their pockets in advance of the security screening process. Metallic items can either be held in their hands or placed in a plastic bag for ease of inspection. Please also note that battery-operated heating jackets will not be allowed into the stadium.

Blankets and extra layers of clothing are allowed to be carried into the stadium. We ask that such items be loosely draped over an arm, and not folded or rolled up, for ease of screening.

For more information on Patriots and Gillette Stadium ticket and stadium policies, please visit

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