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No Days Off Health Tips presented by HealIt

Train like a Patriot with health tips presented by Healit.

"Don't just be in the game. Win the game."

The No.1 U.S compression wraps and tapes manufacturer, Healit™, has joined forces with the New England Patriots to bring fans health, fitness and Patriots-inspired content throughout the 2017 season.

Healit™ systems are the next generation of therapeutic sports and medical compression wraps. Their unique self-adhesive compression wraps and tapes are designed to prepare the body, prevent injury, protect against re-injury and enhance performance. Healit™ wraps and tapes help to reduce swelling, improve blood flow and increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to damaged tissues so you can go faster, work harder and last longer.

The "Patriots Wrap-Up presented by Healit™" will be available onPatriots.comand Patriots social media channels throughout the season. Additionally, Healit™ will have a monthly series published right here on the Lifestyle section, in which Patriots fans are provided with beneficial health and fitness tips.


Healit's Top Tips for Recovering from the Season Opener
With the preseason now in full swing, the time is almost here when you must put all that effort and hard work to the ultimate test: the start of the regular season.

No matter how thorough your preseason was and how great your body is feeling, the first competitive match is always going to a grueling physical test.

Knowing this though, we can help you prepare… not just for the game, but also for the fast and thorough recovery that is essential for repairing muscles and tissue for the following week. Here are Healit's top tips for recovery.

This is vital if you are going to experience a successful recovery. Performance activity increases the bodies metabolic rate and with it, the need for water and electrolytes. In a typical game a player will burn around 2,000 calories, so in the hours after a game you need to try and replace a loss of around 2L of water.

Icing and compression go hand-in-hand in the recovery process. The theory behind icing the body is fairly straight forward. By repeatedly constricting and dilating blood vessels we can help to remove excess lactic acid and waste fluids in the tissues. Removing these fluids can help reduce swelling and the perception of pain all while promoting blood flow. Be warned though, icing IS NOT for the faint-hearted, but it most defiantly IS for winners.

You can support active recovery by using compression wraps. With an optimal level of consistent compression, the walls of the arteries will dilate which increases blood flow. The greater the blood flow, the better the oxygen and nutrient delivery, and the better the rate of recovery in the muscles.

Wearing compression technology after intense exercise or competition can help speed up recovery and reduce your perception of overly sore muscles.

Effective muscle recovery is dependent on the way you nourish them after exertion, and time is of the essence when it comes to replenishing your body of nutrients. You should try to eat within 60 minutes of the end of the game and make sure you include some high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates in the mix.

After game 1, your muscles are going to be tight and your joints will feel battered and bruised. It is essential then that you loosen everything off soon as you can. Getting a massage on any tight areas will help your muscles remove any unwanted lactic build up, so you can return to training and firing on all cylinders ahead of game 2.

Game day 1 will send your body and mind into sensory overload. Not only will you challenge your body to breaking point, your mind will be put to the test as well.

As you lace up your boots to take to the field, the nerves will kick in and then as you prepare yourself to go in for that first big hit, your body will be flooded with a rush of adrenaline. Multiply that one big hit by dozens and the mental toll of the game will mean that you need all the rest you can get.

In the early part of the season, it is vital to work on your sleep habits. Remove distractions, aim for a solid 8 hours, and enjoy a well-deserved and truly restorative afternoon nap.

So there you have it. To be a winner, you have to have a winning mentality during the game and a champion's mindset after it. As we like to say, "don't just be in the game… win the game"

Don't forget… Healit™ compression wraps and tapes are available at Patriots fans get 10 percent off all orders and FREE shipping when you enter the code PATRIOTS10 at the checkout

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