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P.K. Sam Conf. Call Transcript

Sam: It is definitely an honor to play for a winning team like this. I definitely feel blessed to have this opportunity.



Q: What does P.K. stand for?

PS: Philip Kenwood.

Q: Is that a family name?

PS: Yeah. I was named after my dad. I am the second.

Q: Can you give us some general thoughts on being selected by the Super Bowl champions?

PS: It is definitely an honor to play for a winning team like this. It was nerve-racking sitting around. I was hoping I went earlier to them, actually because that is where I wanted to go. I definitely feel blessed to have this opportunity.

Q: What are your thoughts about coming to play with Tom Brady?

PS: That is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Down here our quarterback was struggling, so it is just another blessing to have a great quarterback.

Q: What is it that you think you bring to the table that can help the Patriots out with?

PS: I think that I am a very well rounded receiver. I do what I am asked to do. I like the jump-ball situation. I know the receivers are kind of shorter than I am, so maybe I can add some height and help out in that way.

Q: You came out as an underclassmen. What went into that decision and are you still comfortable with that decision that you made?

PS: I was going to come out pretty much no matter what. There are a lot of things going on down here. I would rather take this chance, then come back and get hurt. I was going to leave no matter what. I thought I was going to go earlier then I did, but it is something I have to live with. I don't regret it.

Q: What is going on down there?

PS: The offense is struggling. There are a lot of complicated things that we keep in the Florida State family that we don't really share. It was definitely time for me to go.

Q: Did you have a lot of contact with the Patriots?

PS: They came down to watch me work out, but after that I really didn't talk to them until just now.

Q: Are you considered a good blocker?

PS: Yes. I definitely go and block as part of being a receiver. The running back protects our quarterback when we are running routes, so we have to help them out when they are running.

Q: Once you get into the combine stuff, people tend to nit-pick over measurables like speed. Your speed isn't in the 4.3 or 4.4 range. Do you feel people kind of latched on to that and that might be a reason why you dropped?

PS: I really don't know. Everyone has their own opinions about everything.

Q: The Patriots like to throw over the middle a lot. Are you a durable guy?

PS: Definitely. Right now I'm 212 (pounds). I'm trying to get to 215 to help out with the contact in the league

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