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Packers have contacted multiple teams about Favre

An idea once even more unthinkable than a Brett Favre comeback is now under consideration

Packers have contacted multiple teams about Favre

An idea once even more unthinkable than a Brett Favre comeback is now under consideration.

The Green Bay Packers have spoken to multiple teams to see what they would be willing to offer for Favre.

It is unknown exactly how many teams the Packers have spoken with, but what is known is that they have not relegated their exploratory calls strictly to AFC teams. Green Bay has called multiple teams in the NFC as well. The Packers declined comment.

One NFL executive speculated that the Packers simply are doing their dillegence and fielding any of the potential offers before deciding whether it would be worth trading Favre, who does want to play in 2008.

This hardly means the Packers will wind up dealing Favre. But at least they are debating the merits of it, reaching out to teams to inquire what Favre would bring in return.

By contacting other teams and fielding any potential offers, the Packers then can make a more informed decision about whether or not it is worth trading Favre.

Though it could happen, it still is hard to envision -– the Packers trading Favre.

Yet if Favre opted to play, and if the Packers were willing to trade him -– and those are two big ifs -- the NFC team that would make the most sense is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden is fascinated with quarterbacks and never has enough of them. During his time in Tampa, he also never has had the chance to work with a quarterback like Favre.

In fact, Favre would have to be willing to report to any team that strikes a deal with Green Bay; thus, Favre's willingness to play for another team must be factored into any potential trade, and the quarterback's overwhelming preference is to continue playing in Green Bay, not anywhere else.

Still, the Packers have not welcomed back Favre and have told him that he would be a backup to Aaron Rodgers.

Before that would happen, Favre first must decide whether he is willing to play this season, even though he clearly wants to. If he does, he would have to send the NFL and the Packers a letter asking to be reinstated. Favre has not made any decisions about if or when to send such a letter.

But there now is another intriguing storyline to go along with any letter. With Jason Taylor in Washington, Jeremy Shockey in New York and big trades sweeping the NFL, the Packers are exploring the possibility of making the biggest of them all.

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