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In today's News Blitz... Cromartie's comments overshadow football side of Pats-Jets showdown.

If any publicity is good publicity, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie should run for governor of Massachusetts. His comments, calling Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a not-so-nice word, have unleashed a mushroom cloud on the media.

** lumps Brady into the company of sports legends like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, who were met with similar derision and responded in true champion fashion.

** calls Brady another A-word. An 'assassin' on the football field. According to ESPNBoston, Brady will do his talking on the field Sunday.

The *Boston Globe* delves into the history between Cromartie and Brady. Not so much water under the bridge for the Jets CB.

** also looks at the larger picture of Jets' bitterness, beginning with coach Rex Ryan and trickling down to his players, the microscope on Cromartie. Read a similar story in the *Boston Globe*.

Read more about the Jets and Cromartie in the *Boston Herald*.

Read more about Brady's reaction in the *Herald*.

All this talk aside, the *Herald* digs into what this game is really about: playing football.

The last game Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly played in, he ran a kickoff return 71 yards just shy of the goal line, which set up a score. Now he's back at practice and ready to face the Jets. The *Boston Globe* and the *Boston Herald* reminisce on the lineman's record-breaking run and look ahead to what he might do against the Jets on Sunday, the divisional showdown to end this bitter Border War (at least for this year).

Read about the dominating defensive prowess of Patriots D-lineman Vince Wilfork in the *Boston Herald*.

One ball-carrier who will run into Wilfork on Sunday is Jets running back Shonn Greene. The *Boston Globe* profiles Greene, who ran strong for the Jets in the playoffs last year. Read about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in the *Boston Herald*.

Read about the Welker-Revis matchup and the Patriots run attack on

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