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In today's News Blitz... Brady and receivers in a 'huddle' of trust, the Pats are a wolf pack, Welker rested and Wilfork unwavering.


The Patriots currently play six wide receivers, three tight ends and five running backs, all of which could be on the receiving end of a Tom Brady pass at a given play. Needless to say, trust becomes a huge factor on who Brady throws it to. Read about how newcomers, rookie tight ends, Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, have built this sense of trust since the preseason. And read how veterans like Wes Welker still maintain a solid give-and-take with the Pats signal caller to complete the pass in the *Boston Globe*.

The *Boston Herald* examines the 2010 Patriots solidarity, finishing the regulars season 14-2. Read about how coach Bill Belichick's message resonates through the captains on down to every man in the squad. It's not so much a sheepdog leading its sheep Pats. Picture a wolf pack feeding off the energy of its individual members.

After Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker sat for New England's final regular-season game against the Dolphins, he's rested and ready for the playoffs. The Pats endured a full-hitting practice, the first in over a month, to stay sharp over the bye week. Read about it in the *Boston Herald*, which also mentions Brady's honor as AFC offensive player of the month.

Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork still waiting to hear on whether he'll be fined for helmet-to-helmet, when he sacked Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne in last Sunday's 38-7 thrashing of Miami. Wilfork said he was proud to maintain composure during the 15-yard penalty that resulted and bounced back to snare a second sack on the 'Fins QB for a 7-yard loss and eventual punt. Read about Wilfork, Rex Ryan's comments on Brady and more on Welker, who's now one of eight Patriots headed to the Pro Bowl (unless New England makes it to its fifth Super Bowl in the last decade) in the *Boston Globe*.

Read more about Ryan's comments on **.

The Patriots are favored to win the Super Bowl, according to the *Boston Globe*. Read about the Pats' last seven performances in the playoffs, in the Globe.

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