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Patriots fans make training camp a Tom Brady birthday bash

Tom Brady celebrated his birthday on Friday with a hard day of practice, but Patriots fans made it a party.

Every year on Aug. 3, Patriots Nation takes a moment to celebrate. It's a crucial date, the GOAT date even.

Yes, on this day in 1977, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. was born.

Of course, when you are a living football legend and your birthday falls during training camp, it's going to be one heck of a party. And though Tom is at work for his 41st birthday, one gets the feeling that he wouldn't want it any other way – or at least according to Gronk.

Earlier this week, when asked what he got Tom for his birthday, Gronk gave a perfect answer.

"Nah, I didn't get him a present yet, but I don't know," he said. "Usually, he just loves the game of football so much, usually on his birthday he just wants a good practice day. Lots of touchdowns."

That's, admittedly, very on brand.

But Patriots fans had another idea. Training camp transformed into a birthday bash for the quarterback. Last year, baby goats were welcomed to training camp in honor of Tom's birthday, and surely no one would forget that. This year, however, there were different kinds of goats around camp: balloon goats.

Dan's Balloons crafted a life-like balloon sculpture of Tom for folks to take pictures with, as well as adorable balloon goats.

2500x1406-20180803-brady-sign-2 copy

Fans, as always, came prepared with thoughtful and hilarious signs, sang the GOAT "Happy Birthday" and made sure Tom could feel the love from the sidelines.

And beyond the sidelines, the party continued.

There were giant birthday cards to sign and decorations everywhere you turned. And of course, no birthday is complete without a cake, and no cake is big enough for a party of several thousand of Tom's closest fans.

Montilio's Baking Company pulled up to training camp in the wee hours of the morning with about 90 sheet cakes, and assembled a giant "12" shaped birthday cake outside of Gillette Stadium. The red, white and blue dyed cake was made with 2,000 eggs and 250 pounds of sugar. It could feed up to 5,000 people and took three days to complete.

The birthday party didn't stop when practice ended either. The ProShop offered 12 percent off in honor of Tom's birthday with the promo code: TB12PCT.

You can check out more photos from practice and Tom's birthday celebrations in the gallery below.

Presenting our favorite 41 photos of Tom Brady's 41st birthday celebration during Patriots Training Camp at Gillette Stadium on Friday, Aug. 3, 2018.

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