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Patriots Locker Room Quotes - 1/13/2011

Patriots players comment from the locker room, Thursday, January 13, 2011, on their upcoming Divisional playoff game against the New York Jets.


(On stopping the Jets from running on the Patriots when they're in sub packages)
"It's just playing technically sounds. We get out into sub situations and we're thinking pass, and they know we're thinking pass, so they're going to try to slip us up running. So it's something you've got to be aware of and play the situation."

(On the mood at practice this week)
"You know, it's a big game and everybody is obviously getting excited about it and nerves are running wild. But we're trying to still do what we do and not get too tight. We're staying loose for the most part, but the urgency is a lot higher."

(On it being all about business this week)
"Business, yeah. It's business. It's a big-time business week."

(On how to stay loose while still trying to play perfectly)
"The game is on Sunday and usually everybody goes into the game real tight, but as the game starts to play out, guys loosen up and get into the flow of it. Just the preparation part of it is really intense and the sense of urgency, like I said, is really high right now."

(On if it feels like it's been a while since they last played)
"Yeah, I think we got a chance to sit and watch other teams play and we had a week to prepare last week and now we're excited to play a game that really determines the outcome of our season."


(On how to explain the importance of the game while still remaining calm to the rookies)
"Me personally, I would just tell them the things that we've told them and just prepare well. 'Make sure you study so you're not out there playing with hesitation, so that you know your stuff and you're just reacting. The game will slow down. It will be a lot of hype and hoopla early on; usually that's what the playoffs are. But guys on both sides of the ball, you just want to tune in and focus and try to increase your focus.' The intensity is going to be there. But at the end of it all, for them, it's going to be equivalent to maybe their first game - the kickoff, the opening kickoff of the new season. Maybe it will feel that way to them. That's how it felt to me going into the playoffs my rookie year."

(On if it took him a while in that first playoff game to get on an even-keel)
"I just posed it as an opportunity to go out and just do what I've been doing. I don't know. I wasn't even over-emotionally hyped type of player. I just - as it comes, then I just start to feel it and that's when the emotions come out. I always try to go in pretty much even."

(On getting to know Vince Wilfork as a leader on the team)
"Big V? He's demanding and that's what you need as a leader, but he's fair. He'll make sure he coaches things that he sees or areas that he thinks need to be lifted. He'll make sure to oversee those areas. He's not going to do anything that he wouldn't do himself. I think that's fair, being a leader, and he's done a great job of it."


(On what the toughest thing about defending Dustin Keller is)
"He's a good receiver. He's good all the way around. He's a good guy, good speed, good agility out there. He's very difficult to defend."

(On the level the Patriots have to reach on Sunday)
"It's a very high level. It's the playoffs now. It's here. We try to come in and play at a high level every game, every snap."

(On the playoff atmosphere)
"There is a lot of intensity. The atmosphere felt great. We'll have to come in here and see what happens."

(On how the team stays loose going into a game like this)
"I guess we just come in and have fun, learn together. Us coming out here, learning and having fun for Sunday, it's a good thing."

(On if there was more disguising by the defense in the second game versus the Jets last month)
"I can't remember that. I can't. You just come in here and do the best you can as a defense, as a linebacker."

(On how much better equipped the defense is to disguise later in the season than early on)
"Well, later in the season you get to work on things, whereas the beginning of the year, you're still trying to work together as a unit. As the days and weeks go by, you try to get better as a defense."

(On what he's seen from Mark Sanchez on film)
"He is a good quarterback. [He has] definitely progressed as the year has gone by. He's good with the ball, good arm and a good quarterback."

(On Vince Wilfork as a leader this year)
"Vince is a good leader. [He is] vocal, leads by example [in the locker room] and on the field."

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