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Patriots Nation shows up on the road yet again 

Patriots fans showed up on the road all season long, and Sunday was no different.

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Over the years, chants of "Brady! Brady! Brady!" have become commonplace at Gillette Stadium, and this season, when the Patriots hit the road, they can count on fans showing up too.

It's been yet another season of Patriots fans showing up and showing love on the road, and Sunday was no different. With the Patriots final road game of the regular season, Patriots fans made their presence known in Cincinnati, including several rounds of the "Brady!" chant.

After the win over the Bengals, Patriots players made it clear that the fan support on the road didn't go unnoticed.

"That was pretty sweet. That was pretty sweet, man," Brady said of fans yelling his name. "Even when we pulled into the hotel last night, saw the fans and we figured it would be a lot of people here today, so it was really cool. It was just amazing."

Devin McCourty said feeling the support and love in another city is always appreciated.

"Pats Nation's been traveling this year. We pull up to hotels and there's a line of people outside cheering us on. We come in the stadium today and fans cheering us on and getting us going, cheering on the offense when they're out there," McCourty said. "It's a good feeling, and I think it's because of our hard work and giving ourselves a chance that our fans follow us and cheer us on."

Though the fan support was exceptional on Sunday, it isn't an anomaly. After the game against Washington in particular, the fans road tripping to the game was a big talking point.

""It was amazing. Oh my God, there were so many Patriot fans here it was surprising and overwhelming," Coach Bill Belichick said on Oct. 6. "It was great seeing that and appreciate the support from all of the traveling Patriot fans, or maybe they're from here, I don't know. Great to see them it was awesome."

Brady pointed that out on Monday morning. During his weekly phone call with WEEI, he said the fans have been consistent all year long. From the game in Washington D.C. that "felt like a home game" to other AFC East cities, Brady said the support is unmatched.

"That was amazing, really, and it's been that way I think all season long. Down in Miami it was like that. In Washington it was like that and the Jets it was like that," he said. "Yesterday was like that. It was great man, it felt like a home game in so many ways. Great to see everyone come out and support us. Our guys are fighting hard every game to try to be the best that we can be. It's just been so great to have all that support."

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