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Patriots on winning the AFC East

Patriots coaches and players comment on being AFC East champs.

Patriots coaches and players comment on being AFC East champs.


*On winning the AFC East *
"It's a huge accomplishment. It's a lot of hard work going all the way back to offseason program, OTAs and training camp. A lot of tough games. We've won a lot of games on the road, which is always hard to do. This is another one. We still have more we can accomplish. Our goals can now be reset, that was the first one, to win the division. It's something to be proud of, we accomplished it. But it's time to reset and accomplish more this year."


On what the win means for the team's veterans
"It's always a good feeling when you come in and see guys who have played in this league a lot and are really good and just haven't won division championships and things like that. To see their excitement coming in is great. [TE] Martellus [Bennett] came running in yelling, 'where's my hat?'. It's a great feeling. I think with just me and [TE Rob] Gronkowski left from the 2010 team, I guess we are the X-Factor."


*On building off today's win *
"I just go to work every single day. I've never been to the playoffs once in my career, so it's just exciting to be a part of this team. We're going to continue to build on everything we've been doing and get ready for next week. Christmas is coming up, so I might be able to spend a little bit more money on my wife this year, but other than that I'm just excited right now. I just want to enjoy it with my teammates on the plane and on the bus and have a good time."


On the satisfaction of winning another AFC East title
"It feels good because we got a hat and t-shirt out of it. What happens in the past, happens in the past, of course there's things you wish could have been changed, but those are different circumstances and it's a completely new team and new year. It was just good to come in here and get a win on the road against an AFC opponent."

On winning another division title
"It's very nice. I've won a division title here every year I've been here so you can't take that for granted. That's what all the hard work in March, April, May, OTAs, coming back from injuries from multiple guys, this is all the hard work and this is one of the steps you want to of through and this doesn't come easy. Our team works very hard and we continually try to improve and coach is always on us and it's tough but that's what gets wins. It's an honor to get to play here and experience eight of them."


*On winning the AFC East Championship *
"It is what it is. Obviously we worked hard for it and we earned it. But we still got a job to do so we'll continue to work for our ultimate goal."



On wearing an AFC East Champions hat
"The hat feels pretty awesome. It's pretty amazing to be a part of this team right now. "

*On winning the AFC East division title *
"I'm trying to let it sink in. This will be my first hat, so I probably won't take it off for a while."


On how it feels to be AFC East champs and have locked up a first-round bye in the playoffs
"It feels great just to be able to be part of a winning team. It's a great group of guys. I love these guys. Everybody worked hard and played hard today. It's great."


On winning the division being the first step
"It means a lot. To me, it's just a big team win here on the road in December against a really good team in a tough place to play. That's what this means to me. The (AFC East division champions) hat is cool and everything, but this was a great team win, and we've got more work to do."

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