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Patriots players react to Tom Brady's 201 career wins

Patriots players react to Tom Brady's 201 career wins, making him the NFL’s all-time winningest quarterback.

Patriots players react to Tom Brady's 201 career wins, making him the NFL's all-time winningest quarterback.


"It's great to be a part of it. I've learned so much from him as a leader, and not only just talking to him but just getting the opportunity to watch him whether it be in captains' meetings, daily routine, on the field, off the field. I think at times you don't really know the true worth of being around a guy like that, but you see the bigger picture when you see a record like this. Two hundred and one wins, the most by a quarterback, it kind of forces you to step back and really realize what the guy has done in the NFL. I'm happy to be a part of it and learn so much from him." 

"I think it's an awesome feeling, well-deserved. I think probably the best part of it, seeing a guy like him, is he comes in and he wants no recognition for it. He's all about the wins for the team. He doesn't really see it as an individual stat. He echoed that in the locker room after the game and that's why he's a great leader. That's why we've been able to win a lot of games because of his leadership. The younger guys that come in and become leaders learn it from him and from passing that along."


"I told him it was awesome and that I was blessed, thankful and I feel very fortunate that I was able to experience that."


"I think that's a record that probably won't ever be broken. He'll continue to build on it this season, and he's looking great while doing it. I was the first person today to say 201, so congratulations to him, that's not easy. It's not something a lot of quarterbacks can say, but you know him he's already onto next week." 


"We're in a locker room with a walking legend. [Tom has] the most wins in quarterback history in the NFL, but he  still comes to work like he hasn't accomplished anything. I look up to that; much respect and congratulations [to Tom]." 

The New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, December 4, 2016.


"It's an honor. Like I've said, I've watched him play since I was in eighth grade and I've been here for eight years, so that tells you something. To get to see him do this, it couldn't [have] happened to a better guy or a better player. Everything he's done, he's deserved. He should be the face of this league with his story, how he prepares, he's a family man and it couldn't [have] happened to anyone better."


"I mean it's awesome. Just playing with him is such an honor because he's so great. Week in and week out he just keeps doing it. He's the leader of our offense, [he gets] total attention. When he's speaking, no one else is speaking. You listen to him the entire time."


"I think Tom [Brady] does the things he's always done. He prepares hard on and off the field physically, mentally. He studies film, knows how to game plan, knows the opponents, [and] he's got great experience. Every game he has a couple of plays out there that are I'd say just made on experience. Just kind of sensing something or doing the right thing in the right situation and he's got a lot of poise. Guys are flying around all around him but he's able to keep his eyes downfield and focus on the target and does a great job in the pocket of sensing the rush. It's a pretty long list. I don't think you win over 200 games by just doing one or two things right. You do a lot of them; he does." 


"I'm grateful for all of my teammates and my coaches and for my family and friends. There's been a lot of football over the years, so it's always been about winning and I've been very fortunate to be on a lot of great teams. I just feel very grateful."

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