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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 10/4/2010

Patriots players comment on their game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on Monday, October 4, 2010.

S Patrick Chung
(On if he'd every had a game like tonight) - "No. But it feels great. You just gotta give thanks to the man upstairs. He blessed me."

(On what he saw while making his two blocks (on kicks) - "Exactly what we executed. I mean just looping people. People picking people up. It opened up just like coach drew it up on the board so you execute and things like that happen. You just gotta take advantage of the opportunity."

(On if he shuts his eyes when he tries to block a kick) - "No way. You gotta see what you're blocking. You don't get too many chances like that."

(On if he gets afraid of getting kicked in the face while trying to make a block) - "We got helmets on. We got helmets on. It's football. If you hit you're gonna get kicked. It doesn't matter."

(On if he saw something in the Dolphins special team coverage that allowed him to make his blocks) - "That's something coach saw. I mean, we just practiced everything that happened in that game. All those blocks, and people doing their job. I give it to them. If they're not doing their job nothing happens. So we executed. Coach drew it up and it happened just like he did it."

(On if he felt like he was back at college when he played for the University of Oregon) - "No, college is over now. It's the big leagues. I gotta get ready for the next one."

(On what "Woo-sa" is) - "It's just relax. Don't get too hyped. Just relax. Woo-sa (laughing)."

(On "Woo-sa" working for him tonight) - "If you play calm you know what you're doing. You can play fast when it comes down to it."

(On Davone Bess' touchdown catch) - "He's a good player. They get paid too. That was a good play. You gotta bounce back. You gotta forget about it. Short memory."

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick
(Opening Statement) - "Feels to come in here after a game like that. It was a great team effort tonight. I am really proud of the players; offense, defense, [and] special teams made big plays, played hard. Miami is a good football team. I am sure we haven't heard the last of them, there is no doubt about that. Tonight was kind of our night and the credit goes to the players. Those guys played hard and they made plays all night."

(On the special teams play tonight) - "They were all right [Laughing]. It was a great effort. Those guys really worked hard, they work hard every week in practice and [special teams coach] Scott O'Brien, they go through a lot of little things and really do a good job of preparing so I was really happy for the success they had tonight. The plays they made helped their team and, again, those kids work hard and really deserve it."

(On the 16 play, 55 yard drive that resulted in a field goal) - "It helped, absolutely. Long drives are good for the defense, it is better when you get in the end zone, but they are still good drives. Our offense did a good job. Miami is a good defensive club, a lot of guys up front that are tough. We tried to stand up and block them, make some plays in the passing game. [We] ran the ball, so it was pretty good balance attack."

(On the play of their defense tonight) - "They played hard tonight. They beat a good football team here. They played hard; they deserved it."

(On if Rob Ninkovich has displayed good hands in practice) - "Yea you know he does. He has pretty good hands. He does some deep snapping and handles the ball pretty well. But those were two good catches. He really had to extend, reach out and catch the ball. It didn't hit him right between the 5 and 0 like sometimes it does in those [interceptions]. That was heck of a play, both of them, outstanding plays. They were big; [they] bailed us out."

(On what he told the team after the game) - "Just congratulated them on the win. They deserve it. They were the better team tonight and they deserved to win. They played hard and they made more plays then Miami did."

(On if Rob Ninkovich was playing a different scheme tonight) - "No."

(On Brandon Tate kick return for a touchdown to start the half) - "We had run the other return; you know we come back to the other side. Then this one we kind of bounced it outside and he got a great block from Sammy Morris and then just turned it on and split it. Brandon has been close several times this year. He was close to one in Cincinnati and has been close to ones some other times. He doesn't need much room, but Sammy Morris made a great block, they did a nice job. [Danny Woodhead], Rob [Ninkovich], all those guys, [Jarrad] Page, the wedge, [Rob Gronkowski], and Dan Connolly. Those guys did a good job of blocking. [Brandon] Tate hit it and it was all over."

(On how much of Patrick Chung's blocked kicks were his own effort and how much was scheme) - "It is both. It is not just the guy who blocked it, it is the guys who hit the gaps, take the blockers and open it up for the guys that they miss. So it was a nice job by the whole team. It was a well designed play by [special teams coach] Scott [O'Brien] and you are fortunate to make the play. We have been close on a couple and haven't gotten them, so it was great to get them this week."

(On if the coaching staff saw something in Miami's special teams in the first half that they felt they could exploit) - "No, we just went into the game with a game plan and just tried to follow the game plan."

(On if tonight was a good example of complimentary football) - "Yea, it was great. We got plays from every phase of the game. It was awesome tonight. The players really played hard. They played unselfishly and we got the win. That is what we came down here for."

(On if he was surprised with scoring 35 points in one half) - "No, I wasn't that surprised, but I guess everyone else is. You make plays, you score points. If you do not make them, you don't."

(On if he sensed the team rallying around the doubt people had about getting a win in Miami) - "I don't know, we have won 2 out of the last 3 down here. It is now 3 out of the last 4, right?"

(On if he thinks the team is confident in their abilities) - "I think our team is confident we can win, absolutely. I know we don't do it every time, but we think we can."

(On if he can recall a game with a block field goal return for a touchdown, blocked punt, and a kickoff return for a score) - "No, I don't think so. No, I can't imagine there are too many of those in NFL history to be honest with you. Plus offensive and defensive touchdowns. It was a good day for fantasy football."

(On if he has ever had a win that was this balanced between all three phases of the game) - "I don't know. The Pittsburgh AFC Championship game in [2001], that had a blocked field goal, a punt return, and the pass to [David] Pattern. So pretty good defensive effort. They are few and far between. We will take a win however we can get it. We are happy with it. It was a good effort by the team and we just have to get back to work here and get ready for Baltimore."

Patriots CB Kyle Arrington
(On 12 yard touchdown) - "It was just a great call by our special teams coordinator Scott O'Brian. We scouted them pretty well and Pat did a terrific job...the guy had two blocked kicks, you know he blocked a punt earlier as well so you know my hats off to Patrick, with a tremendous effort by him and I was just fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time."

(On Coach Belichick's locker room talk) - "Well we knew it was 7 to 6 going in so it was still a close game. As bad as we thought we played in the first half defensively the score was only 7 to 6 we were fortunate and coach just told us to calm down. There wasn't a whole lot of talking he just told us to calm down and execute like we have been doing all week. A lot of games (you know) on the practice field we do it on the practice field but just sometimes it just doesn't correlate during the game, so this was just one of those times it did we just got to keep doing it."

(On the special teams) - "It says a lot about our hard work and how dedicated and devoted we are. Special teams as you can see is as important phase of the game as offense and defense and you know we got a couple touchdowns off it and you know that was a big lift for us."

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady
(On the win) -"It's a big win for us. We've been talking about this all season and what we had to do to win on the road and play a good four quarters of football. I think we did today and when we play well for four quarters it's a good outcome."

(On why he was so confident coming into the game) -"I'm out there every day watching us practice and so is Coach Belichick. He has a lot of confidence in us and what we're doing. We know we have a good kickoff return team, they tried to kick a long field goal and we talk about blocking kicks. The defense has some very talented players and they're going to make some plays on the ball like they did tonight so they all contributed. From 7-6 at half time to whatever it was at the end of the game is great."

(On the younger players playing well) - "That's so important because as an offense you want them to defend everybody. If they're only defending one guy and that's the guy you keep throwing to then that's not a very good offense. Brandon has to be involved, Woody has to be involved, Sammy and all of the backs and the tight ends are doing a good job. We've got to continue to find a way to spread the ball around."

(On the play of Danny Woodhead) - "He's quick in there and you've got to be quick to cover him. He's really able to do some things for us and create some mismatches. He had another great game tonight."

(On the kickoff return for a touchdown) - "It was awesome. We've been talking a lot about the second half this week and what we needed to do and that was a great way to start it. You're getting all hyped up and ready to go out there; throwing the ball around and then you see Brandon running it back for a touchdown and you take a seat on the bench. I'll take than anytime."

(On if there was a chip on the team's shoulders for not being able to win on the road) - "It's going to be there for a while like that. We've got a lot of chips."

(On his 100th career win) - "I've played on a great team for my entire career with the same organization that's committed to winning. I'm privileged to be the quarterback on this team and I hope I'm here forever."

Patriots LB Jerod Mayo
(On the Patriots defensive performance) - "I think we went out there and did ok. We handled business and got the win."

(On the first half compared to the second half) - "First half we came out and we knew what they were going to do. We made some good plays. Second half they came out, score real quick. So, you know, we had to come back and get back on track. Go out there and make some plays."

(On special teams) - "Yeah. Special teams had a good day today. Turned the game around and helped us win this game."

(On Patrick Chung) - "He had a great game. Blocked a kick. Interception for a touchdown. A couple tackles. So he had a great game."

(On how it feels to win in Miami) - "It feels good to get a win in the division. Especially on the road. We haven't won on the road in a long time. So hopefully we can carry this momentum on during the bye week and keep getting better."

(On if the Patriots had something to prove) - "We did. We had something to prove. Everybody doubted us, but we like it that way. Keep doing it."

LB Rob Ninkovich
(On tonight's defensive performance) - "It was a huge win for us. We knew coming into this game that this was one of those games where it was a test, and we had to come in here and we had to win this game. This week of preparation; we knew what we had to do."

(On if he could have drawn it up any better) - "There are always some plays I would like to have back, especially on that first drive. I just do what I did all week for preparation. I saw what they were going to do. I kind of saw what some of their tendencies were."

(On how it feels to do this against his former team) - "It feels pretty good. You know, I was here as a practice squad guy. Now that I'm here playing against them, it feels good to play my old team."

(On shutting down Brandon Marshall) - "Well, you know, with Marshall he's a go-to guy. He's a guy who's going to get the ball. So you have to make sure you stop him at the line of scrimmage. Get a nice jam on him. Do anything to mess up his routes. It's all timing for him and the quarterback."

(On his two interceptions) - "The first one; it was just stacked. The receivers were stacked. I was actually thinking run because it was second down. So I was looking at the backs. Saw that it was pass. They ran an indigo. I just got back to my drop and read the quarterback. Saw he was looking right at me. On the second one, Marshall was lined up at two. I saw they were running a boot. Hartline ran a snag. Henne was looking right at him so I just drove at him and that was it."

(On what the Dolphins told him they wanted him to do when he was playing here) -"I was an inside backer here. It was just one of these things. I was here in 07' for that great year and 08'."

(On the total team effort) - "That is what football is all about. You got to do great on all three phases. When you come out here and you get that electricity going with all three phases you can really, you know, you play off each other and you play off that energy. We went out there and I think we did that. We did well on all three phases."

Patriots WR Brandon Tate
(On his overall thoughts about his touchdown run back to start the second half) - "I've got to give all the credit to my teammates for doing their assignments. Without them it wouldn't be possible."

(On the great block he got from Sammy Morris to help his run back) -"Yeah, yeah, yeah...I give credit to everybody else that was out there that freed me up."

(On how big of a momentum turner his run back was) - "It's a big win. Coming in and getting a road win and division win. We just gotta move forward from this.

(On if he felt the momentum swing after his run back) - "Yeah, you know, the game wasn't over - we just had to keep playing but we had some more good plays on special teams to help us too though.

(On what Belichick said at halftime to help fire up the team) - "He was just saying to go out there and make a play because when we made the first return we'd seen that it was going to be open, so he called it and just told me to get to the outside and just run."

(On if he knew he was gone once he broke all the tackles and if he looked at himself on the Jumbotron while he was running it back to the end zone) - "No, I don't even look at the Jumbotron. I'll be looking behind me to see (if anyone's close)."

(On the special teams bouncing back this week after struggling the previous week) - "It was big coming in this week - everybody taking practice more seriously. Everybody more focusing on that we got to do more of the little things and we just came in and got a big win."

(On if his teammates came into tonight's game with a chip on their shoulder) - "That was big for us to get a road win. Because people were saying we couldn't get a road win and this that and the other. But we blocked all that out and just trusted each other and went out there and played together as a team."

(On if it feels sweeter going into the bye week with a win) - "Yeah (laughing)...It feels real good."

(On if he'd rather not have the upcoming bye week and keep the momentum going) - "No. The bye week is perfect right now. I'm good with the bye week."

Patriots WR Wes Welker
(On turning some trends by beating a quality opponent on the road) - "Absolutely, the Dolphins are a great team. We wanted to come in here and get things going. The first half was a tough battle. Luckily we got a lot of big plays and a lot of things went in our favor."

(On the play of special teams tonight) - "You know special teams was perfect tonight except for my mishap. Luckily, no harm, no foul. But at the same time I hate being the lone guy that screwed up tonight on special teams. It was great seeing the guys out there hustling around and making plays on special plays."

(On playing well as an offense despite Randy Moss not having any catches) - "Well you know everyone has to step up and play well every game. Everyone has to play well and get open and that's what its all about. It's a team effort. That's what tonight was. It was a team effort and I'm proud of all the guys that came out and played hard."

(On Rob Ninkovich's good hands on defense) - "Yeah, if we ever have injuries at receiver or tight end or need guys there I guess we can call on Rob (Ninkovich) (laughs). He has great hands. He had a great game and everything that was in the air he pounced on."

(On the play of Danny Woodhead) - "Yeah, you have to love (Danny) Woodhead. That's what you love to see. Put the size and everything to the side because the guy can play some ball."

Patriots RB Danny Woodhead
(On how different players stepped up) - "We were all working hard and you know we had a lot of guys step up and make some huge plays and just as a team I think we played well tonight.

(On the special teams today) - "Special teams you know played great I think three scores you know one of them was a block and the offense had taken it in you know it was huge tonight. The whole team played great and got the win, you know that's number one. That's the most important thing and we're happy that we won tonight."

(On if he is happy with the offense and if he has picked it up in the last few weeks) - Honestly, it's not really about the touchdown. I'm not concerned with that. If I could've made a block you know to help a touchdown and help a pass or whatever then great. But the main thing is that we scored and we won. The win is the most important thing."

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