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Patriots Postgame Quotes

Patriots players comment on their game against the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 26, 2010.

Danny Woodhead, Running Back
(On his touchdown run)

"The linemen made great blocks. I did the easy part, which is just run it. The linemen did great and the receivers and tight ends - I mean, you can't ask for better blocking as a running back. All I did was try to do my job."

(On what it felt like to get his first career NFL touchdown)

"More than anything, it was good to help the team out. I'm not so concerned with getting my touchdown or whatever. I'm more concerned with getting the victory. We got the victory, that's the most important thing."

(On if he feels like he's fitting in with the team yet)

"That's the great thing about the guys in this locker room and the organization and the coaches, they made me feel comfortable right from the beginning and it's made things a lot easier. So, yeah, definitely."

(On playing with Tom Brady for the first time)

"It's something a couple of weeks ago, I never thought would happen. But it's definitely been great and there are a lot of great players on this team that have really just helped out and made the transition so much easier."

Rob Ninkovich, Linebacker
(On his perspective of Patrick Chung's interception)

"I was kind of zoned off underneath him, so I saw the quarterback throw the ball and the ball was high. I saw Chung make the play and I told him to stay in the end zone, but he came out anyway." (laughter)

(On how big a play that was for the defense)

"That was a big play, it was a big play. Who knows what would have happened if they score on the drive, so I'm happy it worked out for us like that."

Gary Guyton, Linebacker
(On if the defense was frustrated by its inability to stop the Bills on third downs)

"You always want to keep them down as much as possible. That's definitely something we want to try to get better at and come in and play good defense as a unit."

(On what they need to do to improve their third-down defense)

"Definitely just recognizing what you're seeing and playing the play better. I think everybody can always do something better. So we're just going to have to come out here and look at it and try to get better from the film."

(On if C.J. Spiller looks like the same guy he saw in college)

"Oh yeah, he's fast and he's still elusive. Playing with him, I had a headache from him the last four years when I was in college [laughter]. He's a good back, though. Good speed, good back, good guy."

Aaron Hernandez, Tight End
(On the first drive)

"They just called some plays. I was given the opportunity to make a play, so I just tried to go out there and make a play."

(On compensating for loss of Kevin Faulk)

"He's definitely a great player and a tough player to lose. Losing a player like that, everyone has to step up. Everyone tried to step up and do their job. Today we worked good as a team."

(On Tom Brady's leadership)

"He just has this good composure and keeps everything calm and doesn't let people panic. Everyone follows his role. When he's calm, everyone else is calm."

(On Tom Brady finding receivers in open space)

"He'll definitely find you. You got to get open. Like you said, he'll find you."

Rob Gronkowski, Tight End
(On what Randy Moss said to him after his touchdown)

"He was just happy. We just need to execute the play, and he was just happy we did. He's outside. He ran a good route to get me open, too. He was pumped up. Just overall, it was a team effort, and got a nice grab."

(On scoring his touchdown on third down)

"I definitely was happy about it. We needed that touchdown. It was a great overall play. We executed it well when we needed it. We accomplished it and got a touchdown, which is good."

(On two tight end rookies stepping up)

"We're just going out there to fill our role to do what the coaches have us out there to do when they put us in. We're going out there to go execute what we have to do. And we just play hard every play. We're all supporting each other as a tight end group. We're all satisfied with the outcome today."

Kyle Arrington, Cornerback
(On how he felt making his first start of the season)

"First drive being out there was kind of, [I] had to get into the game a little bit. After that I felt comfortable. [It] didn't feel too bad at all."

(On how he felt the communication was in the secondary)

"I thought the communication was good. We could have executed a little better though on a couple plays. I thought the communication was good though."

(On if there were things Buffalo did offensively that the defense hadn't seen before)

"Definitely. They're a game plan team. Of course they're going to run what they run, but also every team [you] game plan for certain things for certain defenses, and they did. They did some different things that we didn't expect. We just had to adjust to it."

Patrick Chung, Safety
(On if he was thinking 'touchdown' when he intercepted the Bills in the end zone)

"You got to always think 'touchdown.' [It] was more of an instinct. Then the play's over and you got to move on to the next one. That's how I feel."

(On his confidence level after recording an interception today)

"It helps. We can't get too complacent. We got a lot of games to go. A lot of different teams [to] prepare to face. We just got to keep going."

Brandon Meriweather, Safety
(On how big it was for the defense to record two interceptions today...)

"Big. They were huge. They ended drives. They took points off the board. They were huge."

(On how nice it was to record his first interception of the season)

"It's always nice to get a pick. It's nice to get any. It's always nice to get any turnover, period. But to get it at the time that it came, it's just that much better."

(On if he was thinking that the offense was doing their job, and it was time for the defense to stop them and end the game)

"I always think it's time for us to do our job and end the game. Not just because the offense was doing their job, but just because I think that's actually our job."

Jerod Mayo, Linebacker

(On if he thought there were some days when he the offense would need to pick it up for a win)

"We're young, but these guys are hungry and they're willing to learn. We have a great coach in coach [Bill] Belichick, and he's putting us in positions. We just have to execute better and make plays."

(On if members of the team take notice when there are different players starting then what they are used to)

"Going through training camp we rotated a lot of guys, so you learn to play with different guys. Injuries are part of football, and people replacing other people that's a part of football. Whoever's out there we're willing to play with."

(On the communication on defense)

"It was pretty good for the majority of the time, but like you said there were times in the game where we saw things differently. It's my job to get everybody on the right page, and for the most part we were."

Wes Welker, Wide Receiver
(On playing a strong second half)

"Yeah, we were able to go no-huddle that first drive of the second half. It really picked up the momentum for us and we were able to drive it down and score. That was kind of the case the whole day and we just can't shoot ourselves in the foot and put ourselves in bad situations. [We have to be able to] drive it down and put points on the board."

(On how the team handled the loss of Kevin Faulk and his third-down contributions)

"I think we did a pretty good job overall. I don't know what we were on third down, but it seemed like we were able to stay on the field, put some good drives together and really be able to run the ball, which really helped open everything up."

(On whether or not he feels the team was unpredictable with its offensive personnel groupings)

"I think so. We were able to kind of change it up and kind of catch them in some smaller-guy sets with our big guys out there, or vice versa, and really just trying to take advantage of some mismatches."

(On controlling the pace of the game in the second half with two long drives)

"It's huge, especially getting the defense off the field and letting them rest up and put together some long drives and tire out their defense. It's huge for us."

(On Danny Woodhead's first game as a Patriot)

"Yeah, it was good to see. He's obviously a really good player. He made a lot of good plays for us, a lot of good runs. It was good to have a guy go out there and have some draw plays that went a good distance for us."

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Running Back
(On playing well against Buffalo again)

"It was just another division game. We were just going out there to try and execute [the plays] and get a win."

(On facing a different Bills team this year)

"Well, you know, Buffalo's a new team this year. They're playing a different front, playing a 3-4. It was different than what they played last year. We just tried to go out and execute our game plan and come away with a victory, which we did."

(On his 98-yard rushing performance)

"The line - actually, everybody did a good job out there. I was just trying to do my job and run through the holes they created."

(On his thought process of taking over in the third quarter)

"You know, I just didn't want us to lose any ground. I just wanted go in and, like I said, work hard and do my job and hope for the best."

(On whether he felt more pressure to perform with Kevin Faulk out injured)

"You know, we feel sorry for Kevin and his injury. We hope he gets well soon. We just wanted to go out - like I said, no matter who goes down, the train has to keep rolling. So everybody has to go out and do their part."

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