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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 8/12/2010

New England Patriots players comment on their preseason game against the New Orleans Saints at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, August 12, 2010.

Julian Edelman, Wide Receiver
(On his 40-yard punt return in the first quarter)

"We got a lot of guys blocked and as a returner, you've got to make one guy miss and we executed the play. It was unfortunate we didn't get it into the zone."

(On being comfortable making defenders miss in one-on-one situations)

"That's what every guy should be when they have the ball in their hands. That's what we get paid to do, right? Make guys miss? It was unfortunate we didn't get it in the zone a couple times and missed a couple blocks here and there."

(On being compared to Wes Welker)

"It's unfair to him. He's the best slot in the game. I learn everything [from him]. I learn how to be a professional. I learn how to prepare, I learn how to run routes. It was a blessing to come here and sit behind a guy like that and watch him practice and run routes and how he prepares. Wes has been a huge part of helping me develop and still is. He's out there and he's running routes and I'm still learning things and watching his film. It's great to have him around."

Darius Butler, Cornerback
(On how Devin McCourty performed Thursday night)

"He looked good. I'll see more on film, but he looked good. When I was out there and he was out there, he looked good."

(On if the defense took pride in stopping big plays)

"No, however we stop them - big plays, small plays - if you want to stop them, keep them out of the end zone and win the game. That's what's important."

(On if the team benefited from practicing with the Saints during the week)

"Of course. You won't get a better scouting report than actually practicing against the guys you're going to play. That helped us and hopefully it helps us next week also."

Pierre Woods, Linebacker
(On taking advantage of the extra opportunities due to injuries at linebacker)

"You've got to take advantage of opportunities. Every opportunity is not given to you, you've got to take advantage of it, like you said. That's something we all try to do, is take advantage of every opportunity that you have to be out there and gel like one."

(On playing an actual game for the first time this year)

"It's definitely good to play against a different team, instead of going against the same guys in practice. I think the majority of the guys were amped and ready to go for this game. It's a long, long year and we've worked hard and continue to work hard to try to gel together and do what we need to do as a unit."

Tyrone McKenzie, Linebacker(On Mental Speed of the Game)

"Mental speed, as soon as I started getting a couple of plays, it started clicking really quickly, and I started catching on to it. Just getting out there and going out like you said [to work on] mental speed and stuff like that. It was my first game. I was little rusty on a few things. You just got to be ready whenever they give you the call. So I was just waiting during the game, and then when they gave me the call, I was happy to make an impact out there."

(On being the fourth linebacker out on the field)

" I don't read anything into it. I'm here. I didn't play last year, so I just go out there and whenever they call me, they call me."

Patrick Chung, Safety
(On communication)

"Communication is key. It's the first game, so we have a lot of communicating to go. We just have to keep working now. Keep working together being on the same page."

(On how helpful working with the Saints was)

"That's a live game playing out there. It's good for both teams. It's good way of getting different speed. [Working] with another team, gets you ready for the game."

(On changes since end of last year)

"We're together. We're family. Once you get with family, you know what you are doing real fast."

(On whether this was a good first step for defense)

"I can't speak on the whole. I'm just trying to help the team. We've got a lot of film to watch, so get back to me on that. "

Alge Crumpler, Tight End(On practicing with New Orleans)

"We learned a lot about ourselves just in the two days we had a chance to work with New Orleans and their fine ball club. We're just trying to establish an identity for this team and not worry about anything else."

(On what that identity might be)

"We'll see. We'll play through it. We'll continue to work. We'll continue to try to run the football. We'll effectively distribute the football. And we'll protect Tom [Brady] the best we can."

(On use of tight ends in the offense)

"The biggest thing for us [is] we are here. So every opportunity we get on the field, we have to make the best of it."

(On Patriots 14-play, 93-yard touchdown drive)

"93 yards. The biggest thing that coach talks about is our level of commitment, and we moved the ball down the field, got in and out of the huddle, had time on the play clock when we were snapping the football, playing a good rhythm and a good flow. We got a good team."

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Running Back

(On what he sees in the opportunity that was given to him in the game)

"Every time we go out there, whether its practice or not, we have opportunities. We just have to go out there and execute as an offense."

(On what it's like to face the team he grew up watching)

"Yeah they are my hometown team but I'm up here right now."

(On the 93-yard drive)

"Every time we go out there we want to execute drives and score points."

Sammy Morris, Running Back

(On his goals in the first game of the season)

"Really it's just like any game: make the most of the plays that you are in. You kind of understand that it isn't like a regular game where everyone just is fully up each play. So you try to make the most every time you are in there and try to get some good stuff on film."

(On the 93-yard drive)

"I think I kind of speak for everybody when I say that we have high expectations for each other. I think we have a good group and we are working towards some good things to be able to expand success like that is good for us."

Gerard Warren, Defensive Lineman

(On how he feels the communication went)

"It went well. That was one of the things we were focusing on; just go out there and communicate."

(On what it's like to play alongside Vince Wilfork)

"It's a lot of fun because you know he is a hard worker who is going to give his all every play."

(On how it feels to get through the first game)

"You take this and go home and watch film tomorrow to try and learn on what corrections to make and keeping pushing forward."

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