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Patriots Quotes 1/23: Vince Wilfork, Devin McCourty and more

Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, defensiveback Devin McCourty and others address the media at Gillette stadium on Friday, January 23, 2015.



Q: What do you make of this deflated football controversy?

VW: Nothing. Here we are with the biggest game of our career, and that's what it's about. It's about going out and being able to play a game you work so hard for and be in the Super Bowl. That's what it's about. [We've] got to be able to eliminate all distractions right now, and I'm pretty sure we'll have more distractions, but at the same time, I think we've done a great job around here all year of just being so focused on our opponents and what we have to do to win a ballgame. That's where I'm at right now, so nothing different for me. [We're] facing a good football team so we have to do everything we can to be able to play well against them this game.


Q:** Does this take away from the anticipation for the Super Bowl or are you still excited?

VW: Very excited. This is – besides coming to training camp when you're away from football the whole offseason – I think this is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially if you have a team that's in it. We can't let anything take our excitement away. We worked hard to get here and everybody in that locker room is excited to play this game, and we need to be, we should be. You're not going to take that away from us. You can't take our joy away from us. Our job is to be able to prepare well, and hopefully that's good enough to win this ballgame. Everything we put into it to this point, everything we have, we're going to have to leave on the field, and everything energy-wise we have has got to be geared towards getting that accomplished. That's where I'm at right now. Hopefully the team feels the same way. You have a locker room full of guys that are happy and excited, and we should be.

Q: What are your first thoughts on Marshawn Lynch?

VW: Beast. I mean, he is an old-school running back that can do everything. There's not one thing he cannot do. He is very, very, very tough. I remember playing him when he was in Buffalo as a rookie, and I went up to him at the end of the game and I said, 'You have something special. You're a hell of a ball player.' I said, 'I have to give my hats off to you,' and he kind of smiled and was like, 'Thank you.' It seems like he's been getting better and better. The more and more you play in the game, it seems like he kicks it to another gear, and that's a sign of a great football player. He's hands down the best back in the game because he can hurt you any time he has the ball in his hands. I think it's going to be so important for us to have more than one defender tackling him because he's shown over the years what he [can] do. He'll make some defenses and he'll make some players look stupid on the football field. I don't want that feeling, I'll tell you that. It's going to be a lot of running for us trying to get to him because he demands that. He's just a great back.


Q:** Were you surprised at the way Tom Brady was attacked yesterday by the press?

VW: It is what it is. Tom is a big boy. He knows how to handle all situations, so he'll handle this with class like he always does. Negative or positive, he would handle it with class. That's one thing that makes him so great is how he handles himself off the field and on the field. For him to be attacked the way he [was], trust me, we've been attacked plenty of times around here as individuals, as an organization, as a team. It's not our first rodeo. With that being said, we have a group of guys in there that know what it takes to basically ignore the noise and just focus on what we're here for and that's playing football. That's the only thing we should be focused on is the Seattle Seahawks right now, and the closer and closer we get to the game, the better and better we should start feeling about the game. It's about to come true, everything you dreamed of coming into the league as a little kid watching on TV some of the greatest players that ever played the game, being able to watch them on Super Bowl Sunday. Everything you dreamed, it's about to come true. Enjoy this feeling, enjoy this time, [and] feel proud of yourself because we've battled a lot, we've played a lot of football, we've been grinding for a long, long time, and for it to be here is a special moment for us, so we should all cherish that.

Q: Do you or your teammates feel like anyone at the NFL has something to do with the deflated ball controversy?

VW: I'm done with all that. My focus is on Seattle. My job is to help my football team win a football game, and that's what it's all going to boil down to Sunday. Nothing that's going to be said in the media or social media, nothing that's said is going to carry any type of weight playing the ballgame.


Q:** Does dealing with more distractions like this make handling them any easier or harder?

VW: For me, it's easy because I don't listen to folks as is.

Q: What message do you try to send to the younger players on the team that aren't used to this type of spotlight that comes with the Super Bowl?

VW: Just enjoy: enjoy this feeling, enjoy this atmosphere, but at the same time, be prepared. [It] doesn't get any higher than this. I don't care what game you play, when you say Super Bowl Sunday, that's at the top of the list. It's kind of like the Kentucky Derby and the Breeder's Cup for horse racing, when you have the best of the best. You have the best three-year olds and then Breeder's Cup comes around and you've got the best aged horses, the best two-year olds, the best three-year olds, the best fillies, the best colts. So you have the best of the best, and that's where we're at. We're at the best of the best. There are only two teams left – Seattle and the Patriots. We've got to do everything we can come Sunday to win a ballgame. It's going to be tough, though.

Q: How does Marshawn Lynch help Russell Wilson?

VW: Well, I think any best friend of the quarterback is the run game and with the backs they have and with Russell Wilson being able to run the ball at will, it makes their offense so dynamic. It's amazing watching film. They don't do a lot of exotic stuff. Basically, they go out and they do what they do and they make plays and they execute at a high level, and they've been doing it for a couple years now. Obviously saw last year when they went to the [Super] Bowl and they played well together as a team, not just as an offense. Their special teams [is] good, they have a great defense and the offense is very explosive. It's going to be a challenge all around for us. It's not just going to be just defensive line or just the defense. It's going to be all three phases of the ballgame. We have to be able to play well. If we play well, we'll set ourselves up well in the game, but if we don't we'll have problems. That's the last thing we want, especially against a team like this, to have problems in the game where it can get ugly quick. Most of the times when you see teams scoring a lot of points like that, it's big plays after big plays and they're capable of doing that. But at the same time it's amazing to see them hand the ball off and they can go 70 yards at will if you're not playing good football. So, we understand that.


Q:** Did you guys look at the film of last year's Super Bowl and see that as an example of how things can get out of hand quick?

VW: No, I mean I'm pretty sure with the time we have, we may run across a couple plays or maybe watch some of that game, but at the same time, it's a different team. They've made changes. We've made changes. Obviously, it's a different opponent they're facing. But you have to give a lot of credit to their organization, to go back to back being in the 'ship,' it's amazing. That's good stuff. It doesn't happen a lot, so they have a lot to be happy about, and I'm pretty sure they're sitting there saying they want to defend their crown, being Super Bowl champs last year going into this game back to back. You heard it, a lot of them talked about doing it after they won it, being back to back champs. It's a good feeling to be in this game.

Q: Last year when you got injured, Joe Vellano was one of the players to step up to try to fill your shoes. How do you think he's progressed these past two years and what do you think about him playing in his first Super Bowl?

VW: Hard work pays off. I've seen a lot of guys grow last year. Being out, being away from the game, I've seen a lot of guys grow. Like I said, I don't know if I'm a big brother or a father figure to them. But just to see them grow over the year, it gives me great satisfaction because they've done a lot of things around here that they have to learn on the fly. They were thrown into some situations where it's tough situations now and they handled it well. To do that and all of a sudden now to be at the biggest game of your career, biggest game for all of us this year, they should sit back and feel proud of themselves for what they accomplished over the last year and a half, two years going on because they helped us win a lot of ballgames last year. Even now, a lot of people … We get credit because we play every Sunday, but we have our scout team [and] practice squad, they should get a lot of credit, too, because without them, we can't get prepared for any team we face. They give us good looks, they give us the looks, they do everything they need to do in practice. So, a lot of credit should go to those guys, but you kind of lose sight of that because they don't play, they're just practice squad guys. But they mean a lot to us. They're just as important as me or [Darrelle] Revis or Tom [Brady]. They're just as important to us as the starters and the leaders of this team. It's going to take a team effort and all year they've been giving us great leadership from themselves. You have to say a lot about that.


Q:** Tom Brady addressed you guys at yesterday's meeting. Does that help increase your confidence and show what kind of leader he is?

VW: Our confidence should be riding high because we won a ballgame 45-7. So, I think in the AFC Championship Game when you go out and dominate a game like that, it gives you a lot of confidence. We're a team that's not lacking confidence. All year we haven't lacked it. Even when we sucked, we didn't lack it, but we knew we had to play better.

Q: Is the last Super Bowl trip to Arizona something that drives you?

VW: I don't think about it. That's one thing I try not to do is go backwards because every year you change, you have teams change, organizations change, coaches, players – it's a lot of changing in the NFL. From that time to now, it's totally different. We're a different team. We're facing a different team. The only thing you can take away from being in a game like this is the experience, what it's like, the longer halftime, stuff like that. You probably have 20 extra minutes or something before the game because of all the stuff going on, but other than playing the game, I don't try to look at that in any form or fashion.

Q: Do you ever notice when the David Tyree catch shows up on the NFL Network?

VW: Yeah, I notice it, but I don't too much look at NFL Network when I'm relaxing. I'm too busy looking at cartoons or something.



Q: Did it settle your nerves when Tom Brady spoke to the team yesterday? What does it show about Tom taking it head on?

DM: I think this team understands we've got a leader that we never question. There's never any doubt no matter what the situation is – whether it be on the field or off the field – this team has a lot of trust in Tom. Honestly, I don't think anyone in this locker room is worried about it. We know next Sunday we're going to get the best number 12 than we've gotten all year. That's how he prepares and like I always say, he sets an example for preparing. So our goal is just to be ready for next Sunday.

Q: Tom said when he plays he always wants to play within the rules and that he didn't doctor the ball in any way or have any knowledge of anyone doing so. Do you believe him?


DM:** Does it matter? I'm kind of past all of that. I think just off of what Vince [Wilfork] said, we went out there and won a game in the AFC Championship and got the right to play in the Super Bowl. I think that should be the focus and the topic so that's what I want to talk about today, the Super Bowl and the opportunity to go out there and win a big game.

Q: Did you watch Tom Brady's press conference?

DM: No. I was actually still here, so no.

Q: D'Qwell Jackson said he wasn't the guy who noticed the deflated ball on the interception. Is it hard to fathom that someone who would intercept a ball would notice deflation?

DM: Notice that we are playing in the Super Bowl?

Q: No, is it weird to think that someone just catching the ball in that situation would notice a deflated football?

DM: No – I don't think anyone notices that. It's an interception, it's a big play – [go to the] sideline, give it to the equipment manager [and] save it for later.

Q: Any thoughts that someone in the NFL has it in for the Patriots?

DM: I don't know. I don't even know that many people at the NFL so no, I don't know.


Q:** Are Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, and Russell Wilson an underrated group among the NFL?

DM: I think overall national media doesn't give them a lot of attention. I've watched a couple games now and they jump off to me – whether it be a ball where Russell Wilson is getting pressure and he just gives them a chance to go up there and they make plays, catching balls deep downfield, breaking tackles. I mean the catch Kearse had to end the game against Green Bay was huge. Tramon Williams was all on his back, to keep him on his back and to make that catch was huge. I think they have a good skill group as far as guys that can catch and run. They have a lot of guys that can fly down the field and get by any defense. For us, we look at that group as obviously we know it starts with [Marshawn] Lynch and running the ball but [if] your secondary starts worrying about Marshawn Lynch all the time they'll hurt you. They'll get deep, they'll make plays. I think people hear us say this all the time, but this game is going to be huge [for] just doing your job. If you're up there to stop the run, you've got to stop the run. If you're in pass coverage, you've got to cover these guys and not allow them to make big plays.

Q: You've seen a lot of mobile quarterbacks all season long, what makes Russell Wilson so different?

DM: I don't know what he has in him, but his ability to just take a play – whether it's a straight drop-back or some type of boot and he's going one way and somehow ends up on the other side of the field and still looking down the field and finding a guy wide open is tough. Even looking at the two-point play against Green Bay, that play looked like it was over. As a defense you get a quarterback running all the way to one side of the field and he throws it all the way back to the other side of the field, that's our goal. If you get that everyone should be happy. His just play-making ability is huge. I think what sticks out is a lot of time we see guys like that [and] they usually have a lot of turnovers but he doesn't. He has seven interceptions on the year and he's making so many big plays where there's running around and running with the ball. He doesn't lose the ball much on fumbles. I think that's the tough thing with him. You hope a guy that's trying to always make a play will have some mistakes, but he doesn't make many mistakes either. It's definitely going to be our toughest challenge of the year.


Q:** When he's pushing the edges, does he want to throw first and then run second?

DM: I think what's tough about him is he doesn't mind doing either one. If it's too many guys in front of him, his head is down, he's looking at them, but as soon as it clears up he's right back downfield. You see a lot of maybe third-and-15s or third-and-16s where it's almost like they know this play is probably going to last six, maybe eight, ten seconds and the receivers never stop. They might run a route and then as soon as they're at the end of the route, they look back [and] they're running another direction because it's not just him. They understand fully that he's going to stay alive and if we can get open we can get a big play. I think that's the toughest part on the secondary of having a guy like that, but then having a whole receiving group that knows it and they're either running deep or if they're deep they're coming back to him. We've really got to defend every part of the field.

Q: What have you seen from Brandon Browner this year? Has he made your job easier?

DM: Like I always say, he's a great player. Whenever you add any type of great player to your defense especially the cornerback position, which is probably the toughest position to play in the NFL and really on defense, when you've got a guy that can go out there and cover guys and stop guys and then also be intimidating when a guy catches a ball or if a running back comes in their flat, it's huge. He's brought an edge to the defense. He's continued to play at a high level all year. I think he deserves a lot of credit to sit out four games and then come back and fall back right in stride and bring something to [our] defense. It's tough. Nobody wants to play all throughout training camp and then have to sit out and then try to come back. I thought B did a great job of that and he hasn't missed a beat since he's been back.

Q: A lot of your peers are doubting Tom Brady's character. How do you deal with that?


DM:** That they're not playing with us so it doesn't matter. I think we've learned this year that it can be a lot going on outside of this building, but if everything's right inside of this building we give ourselves a chance to win. I think being in the Super Bowl is a prize example of that. After we lost to Kansas City, I don't think there were many people that believed in Tom as a quarterback. It sounds crazy for me to say that right now and during that week it sounded crazy for us to hear it. That hasn't changed and I think we've got to just continue to be that close-knit football team that is playing in the biggest game of the year and that closeness will give us a chance and help us win it.

Q: Does it surprise you that some pretty high profile professionals like Troy Aikman and Hines Ward are out there saying they don't believe Tom?

DM: No – there were some pretty high profile pros doubting him as a quarterback too, so it all falls into the same group for me.

Q: When Brandon Browner came here his reputation was as a big hitter. From what you've seen do you think he's more than that?

DM: To me you can't just be a big hitter at cornerback in this league. You've got to be able to cover guys. I don't care what type of defense you run [or] where they put you, you've got to be able to cover. In a league where we play teams that sometimes only run the ball maybe 10 or 15 times, every other play is a pass so you can't hide guys. Everyone that is out there has to be able to do their job [and] when you get a guy that does his at a high level that makes your secondary even better. As a group I think each individual that has had a role for us has tried to perform at a high level and get the job done and that's been the reason why we've been able to win games.

Q: You mentioned Tom in Kansas City, was that game the turning point?


Team photographer, Keith Nordstrom, offers his best photos from the Patriots-Colts AFC Championship game at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, January 18, 2015.

DM:** In a way I think just for us it was an opportunity to show our character as a team. We just used that as 'We lost this one, it was a tough one,' but to see how good of a team we are is all about how we bounced back.

Q: With as much as we hear about the 'Legion of Boom,' how nice would it be win the game and be able to say the Patriots were the better secondary?

DM: I think every game we go in that's our goal. Whoever we play we want to be the best secondary on the field. It's no doubt we're playing against a very talented group, a group that's proved to be the top secondary last year and this year so we take nothing away from them. I think our focus is all about playing great and being a great group next Sunday. Our best foot is going to definitely come forward and we're going to be prepared and ready to go.

Q: What are the challenges of playing against a team that's mentally tough and not afraid to play from behind?

DM: It's like us I feel like. We're playing a team that mentally they're no different than us. There's no game that they feel they're out of. There's no game they walk into and have any doubt that they can win the game. To me it's going to be a test of both teams' will, to just keep battling and whoever makes enough plays at the end of the day will probably be the winner. We know this is going to be a 60-minute contest no matter how the game starts – whether they jump out, we jump out, or it's neck and neck. We know it's going to come down to the end of game, probably some type of two-minute drive whether we're on offense or defense – that's what these games are. You've got a chance to win a Super Bowl, to be champions, nobody is giving up [and] everyone wants this.

Q: How is to play for someone like Coach Belichick who has been on this stage so many times?

DM: It's huge. For us there's no doubt in anything we do as far as schedule-wise or practice-wise. We just continue to do what we've done all year, just whatever Bill has for us that's what we go out and do. So far that's steered us in the right direction, so I think as a team sometimes you play in the biggest game you might have doubts, but we've got a leader that has done this plenty of times. He's won these games so it's all about listening and executing whatever game plan we have.

Q: What are your thoughts on Jeremy Lane's comments that Rob Gronkowski is just an 'OK' football player?

DM: I can't even comment on that one. I don't know. I guess the best way to sum that up is everyone has their own opinion. We'll see next Sunday.



Q: What did you have for breakfast?

DC: Some eggs and some sausage. It was good.

Q: What's your reaction to everything that happened yesterday with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick up here answering questions?

DC: I think they did a good job of handling it and I think everything that needs to be talked about on that subject has been discussed. I'd like to focus on the game we have next week against Seattle.

Q: How hard is it for you to get the guys to focus on the game and not on any potential distractions?


DC:** There's always noise. Throughout the season, there's always something that can draw your attention away from the game. So, it's nothing new. It's something we always have to try to focus on the task at hand and just focusing on the game. We'll just keep doing what we're doing and just focus on our job.

Q: What are some of your initial impressions of the Seahawks defense?

DC: They're very good; a very good defense. They play with a lot of energy; a lot of quickness. They have a great front; very disruptive players in [Michael] Bennett and [Cliff] Avril, [Bruce] Irvin, guys like that. Their secondary is very good as well. [They're] defending champions. They're in this game for a reason. They're a very good team, so we've got our work cut out for us playing against them.

Q: What can you say about Nick Caserio and the job he's done?

DC: Obviously he works with the personnel, bringing the guys in. I don't know all the ins and outs of what they have to do, but generally they do a good job of having guys that buy into what we do and work hard. That's what we expect from our teammates and I think they do a good job of bringing those guys in.

Q: You're not familiar with Seahawks, as you were with the Ravens and Colts. How much more difficult is it to prepare for a team you can only watch on film, that you don't have as much game experience against?


DC:** It is a little bit more difficult. We have to rely solely on our film, our film study. There are always teams that we play that we don't play every year. Obviously teams in our division we play a lot; like you said, the Ravens we play every year. There are always new players on a team so getting familiar with those guys a lot of times you have to depend on the film. In this case, it's going to be the whole defense [you're] getting familiar with with just watching film.

Q: How much of a confidence booster was the Colts game for the offensive line?

DC: Definitely it was a good game. It was good to get a win because we can continue playing and play in the Super Bowl. I think everybody is excited for the opportunity that we have. We just want to keep building on what we've been trying to do all season and that's to improve every week. I think last week we improved from the week before and hopefully in the Super Bowl we can improve again.

Q: How do you expect the Super Bowl crowd to be?

DC: You never know. Sometimes it can be divided, it can be one-sided. Who knows? Fans will be cheering for one thing and they might [be] loud on third downs, they might be quiet on first down. You never know. You always have to [be] prepared for both – using the cadence, using the sideline cadence, whatever. You have to be prepared for anything.


(On if he watched the Seahawks come back in the NFC Championship Game)

"No, we were preparing for our game. Obviously, we've seen it now on tape. [Seahawks have] character guys. It starts with their coach and it starts with their quarterback and the guys that they have on defense. Character guys across the board."

(On if one play can swing momentum of a game)

"I certainly believe that it can. That's the nature of our sport. Big plays, especially when you're playing at home like they [Seahawks] were can make all the difference at the end of the game."

(On the significance of special teams in this game)

"I think it will be huge. What you have are two units that are very well coached and I think when you look at those 15, 20 plays over the course of the game, as I have said often times throughout the season, you expect things to just be routine. We punt, they fair catch or get a small return and vice versa, but if we're able to have a momentum-swinging play, as we just talked about, it can change the game, so we have to make sure we're ready if that play comes our way and we have to make sure we prevent them from having a play going in their favor."

(On the benefit of having a coach with Bill Belichick's experience in Super Bowls)

"I think it definitely helps to have a coach who has led men into this situation before and knows what to expect. Obviously the game is not too big for him and he's going to get us in the right frame of mind to play and he's going to prepare us as far as Xs and Os are concerned and put us in the best situation to have success. We definitely feel good about having a guy who is arguably the best coach of all-time in your corner."


(On his first impressions of the Seahawks)

"They're very physical. They're very talented; they play tough, they play hard, even in the running game. You see Marshawn [Lynch] running the ball, 40 or 50-yard gains and they're blocking down the field. Our secondary knows it's going to be a physical game."

(On the challenge the secondary faces in defending Russell Wilson)

"We've got to plaster. He extends a lot of plays and he makes a lot of plays with his legs. We're very familiar with that, we've played a lot of great quarterbacks, including him, who can hurt you with his legs and in the passing game, so we're very aware of that in the secondary."

(On what he means by 'plastering')

"Plastering is once a receiver runs his route he might look back and the quarterback is scrambling. He tries to come out of his route and actually go vertical or he comes back to the ball and tries to catch it."

(On if he has had a moment to appreciate his first experience going to the Super Bowl)

"I'm trying to. Everything is surreal right now. I'm actually asking some of the guys who have been here that are on this team, you know, 'What's the process?' Vince [Wilfork] has been helping me. Dev [Devin McCourty] has been helping me and even [Brandon] Browner. It's surreal and I'm just trying to go through the process the best way I can."


(On facing a quarterback like Russell Wilson and the challenge of containing him)

"Yeah, I mean, just don't let him get out of the pocket, but at the same time we don't want to not bring the rush or not do the things that we want to do."

(On how well Wilson balances his game)

"I mean, he's just real good at extending the plays and he's also a good runner, so it's definitely a challenge when you're playing against a quarterback like him to buy time, throw the ball downfield or even pick up the first down with your legs."

(On if he has ever tackled Marshawn Lynch before)

"Yep, I have. I played against him, I believe my second year. He's a good running back, solid running back. Never goes down from the first tacklers. He usually has to be gang-tackled and a lot of times he gets out of that."

(On if Lynch hits defenders hard)

"He's definitely a big running back."

(On if he's faced a quarterback like Russell Wilson before)

"I wouldn't say so. He's not one of the big quarterbacks; he's a lot shiftier. A lot of times he's hard to find in the pocket with all the big linemen. Like I said, he's real elusive and real shifty and makes great decisions."


(On his thoughts about the Seahawks)

"They're a good team. They're the best team in the NFC. We're the best team in the AFC, so we need to have these next couple of days and the upcoming week to prepare and we'll see."

(On the challenge of facing Russell Wilson)

"Everyone's got to do their job. The people that got to rush need to rush, the people that need to cover need to cover and we've all got to do our job a little better and it'll take care of itself."

(On how tough Marshawn Lynch is to tackle)

"I've never tackled him."

(On if Lynch seems like a tough player to tackle)

"He looks like a good player."

(On if he sees any relation between how the Seahawks and the Patriots play)

"They're a really good team. They came back against an unbelievable team in Green Bay and they played the situations out correctly and they executed some tough plays such as an onside kick, getting the ball back, scoring [and] executing the overtime situation. They're a fundamentally sound team when it comes to all of that stuff. It's definitely going to be a tough match."

(On the challenges of playing a team like that)

"Right now it's trying to prepare for them. We've got a week. It's a crazy week with the Super Bowl. Since the last time I was there I remember just kind of blocking out and trying to make a routine and going out and trying to prepare to the best of your ability and unfamiliarity. That's what I'm worried about right now."

(On Jeremy Lane's comments about Rob Gronkowski)

"I've never met Jeremy. He can have his opinion. I think Gronk is really good and I'm glad he's on our team."


(On facing Seattle's defense)

"No doubt about it. The Seattle Seahawks [have a] very, very, very good defense. They've got tough mentally and physically players all throughout their defense at every position. We've got to be ready. We've got to practice hard; we've got to prepare hard. We've got to make sure we are ready come game time because they're good."

(On his thoughts on Kam Chancellor)

"He's got great size, he's got great length and he's an excellent player. He brings it on the field no doubt about that and we've definitely got to be ready. We've got to not just be ready for him but we've got to be ready for the whole defense."

(On his excitement for the Super Bowl)

"I'm super excited no doubt about that. I mean I can't wait for the game. I've been [excited] every single time a playoff game is over – I can't wait for the next game and now it's the Super Bowl game. I'm super excited and I'm super amped up. I can't wait. It's going to be a lot of fun. [We're] definitely playing a great opponent and I'm super pumped and excited. I can't wait."

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