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Patriots Unfiltered Q&A: Can Stephon Gilmore win Defensive Player of the Year?

Fans' questions answered in our weekly mailbag.


How do you see Jakobi Meyers contributing once Sanu and Dorsett are healthy? Sandy Pniki

Hi Sandy! I was actually wondering the same thing myself. Looking at the current offense, it is clear that Edelman and Sanu are, without question the top two receivers for the Patriots. I think Meyers still has a ways to go, but he showed a lot of promise on Sunday. Though his night was far from perfect, he made some important catches and was able to break tackles and gain yards after the catch. As Meyers gets more comfortable, I could see him eventually passing Dorsett on the depth chart, but I don't think we will see that until next training camp. –Megan O'Brien

Does Stephon Gilmore have a chance to win Defensive Player of the Year? Anthony Pearson

Right now, I think Gilmore is the front runner for Defensive Player of the Year. He's played tremendous in his last two seasons in New England, but what Gilmore is doing this year is special. In the game against the Cowboys, Gilmore completely took Amari Cooper out of the game. This season, Gilmore has allowed just 19 receptions on 53 targets for 223 yards, no touchdowns, four interceptions, and 10 pass breakups. If Gilmore continues to play at this level, there is no question in my mind that he will be Defensive Player of the Year. –Megan O'Brien

Michel looked much better against Dallas. Did he finally find those yards on his own, or did Wynn help open that up? Matt Lau

This was without question Michel's best game of the season. We finally saw Michel do what he did last season: make guys miss, create something out of nothing, and gain yards. Wynn's return will ultimately help the Patriots long term. Against the Cowboys, Wynn looked like a left tackle that hasn't played in a NFL game in a year and a half. To be fair, that's exactly what Wynn is. He displayed athleticism and will certainly improve. To answer your question, Matt, I think Michel's promising night was all reflective of himself. –Megan O'Brien

With a shortage of weapons for Tom this season does it make sense to have a roster spot taken up by Kessler? Why not pick up a tight end or receiver and release Kessler? Stacy Hanson

The problem right now is there aren't really any wide receivers or tight ends available to help this offense. Dwayne Allen is on the market right now and so is Jordan Matthews, but in my opinion, neither of those players are much better than what the Patriots have right now. Plus, both Allen and Matthews have been in New England before. If the coaching staff thought either could make the team better this season, I think they would sign them. – Megan O'Brien

I was hopeful Derek Rivers would eventually turn into a nice pass rushing LB/DE. What was the actual injury he suffered in training camp? What is his possible future with the Patriots in 2020? Don Ludwig

Derek Rivers suffered a knee injury during the preseason. It's very unfortunate because Rivers suffered a torn ACL his rookie year, and then after just one healthy season, he suffered another knee injury. It will be interesting to see how he looks in training camp, however given his injury history; I wouldn't pencil him in to make an impact in 2020. –Megan O'Brien

Why did the Patriots move Gunner Olszewski to IR instead of sending him down to the practice squad which had openings? Ethan Poole
If the team had put Olszewski on the practice squad they would have had to release him first. He would then have to go through waivers. If he made it through waivers without another team signing him, the Patriots could have then signed him to the practice squad. Placing Olszewski on IR ensures that the team doesn't lose the rookie on the waiver wire. – Megan O'Brien

The Ravens look unbeatable. What are you more concerned about: playing the Ravens or playing the Chiefs? Stan C

There are still a lot of games to play, Stan. Things can change drastically. Don't forget, the Ravens still have to play the 49ers. This is also a team that lost to the Browns. I agree with you, right now, the Ravens look unstoppable but I am curious to see how they will look at the end of the season. The Chiefs, on the other hand, don't look as good as they did at the beginning of the season. Their offense has the ability to outscore just about anyone when fully healthy. Their defense has struggled. I think best case scenario for the Patriots is if the Ravens and Chiefs play in the divisional round. –Megan O'Brien

Mason continues to break down in pass rush and I don't see him as doing much as a run blocker either. It seems that Newhouse is faster and bigger. He might be an upgrade for Mason in that position. Why not give him a chance? Thomas Walkden

Mason did not play particularly well against the Cowboys. He hasn't played very well all season, but neither has Newhouse. I think having Wynn back will help the line, and after that, they need continuity. Right now, I would keep Mason where he is but if his play continues to slip, perhaps the coaching staff will give Newhouse a try. I don't envision that happening, but with this offensive line, you never know. –Megan O'Brien

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