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Paul's Calls: Waters run deep

Patriots offensive lineman Brian Waters is excited to be in his first Super Bowl after 12 years in the NFL.


INDIANAPOLIS – One of the best individual stories among Patriots players is that of Brian Waters. After toiling at an extremely high level in Kansas City for 11 years, he was able to win his first playoff game ever in Year 12 as a member of the Patriots. Now he's in the Super Bowl.

"At some point you ask yourself if there's a better opportunity for you out there," Waters said. "This opportunity was presented for me and I felt like it was the best opportunity for me to get here."

Waters added a sixth Pro Bowl berth to his stellar resume but he's far more concerned with the prospect of becoming a member of a championship team. At this stage of his career, winning is the only concern and it's something he recognized immediately when he arrived in Foxborough just before the start of the season.

"The one thing here is the expectations are at a high level here. Everybody that walks through the door realizes that," he said.

While he's excited to be in New England, Waters also answered several questions from a Kansas City reporter regarding his time with the Chiefs. As usual, the classy veteran offered some thoughtful responses, none the least of which dealt with the team before and after his arrival.

"It wasn't all me. When I got there, there were guys like Will Shields, Dave Szott, Tim Grunhard …I remember talking to Will about this – you want to leave it better than you found it," Waters explained. "I felt like there was an opportunity for me to leave and for the team also to not miss me either. That's why I felt like it was the best of both worlds for both parties."

Waters is one of those players who makes it quite easy to root for.

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