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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Cornerback

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the cornerback prospects entering the 2017 NFL Draft.


The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the cornerbacks.
* - indicates underclassman


HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 193  40: 4.36 

Andy Hart:Long history of hamstring issues. Breakout 2016 season. Smooth cover corner. Best pure cover man in the draft, by far. Willing tackler but too easily blocked on the run. Quick and fluid. Decent eyes. Athlete on returns. All the talent to be Pro Bowl NFL cornerback if healthy.

Paul Perillo:Likes to press; Can turn and run with receivers; Excellent deep coverage; Quick; Aggressive tackler; Hamstring problems a concern.

2 | Sidney Jones*, Washington

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 181  40: 4.47

Andy Hart:Torn achilles on Pro Day. Quick. 3Yr starter. Cover corner. Teams avoided him. Feisty. Confident and smooth. Loses 50/50 balls at times. Seems to see ball well.

Paul Perillo:Press cover guy; Shows tight coverage on slants; Competitive; Good tackler; Aggressive; Solid all around; Torn Achilles on Pro Day.

HEIGHT: 6-0   WEIGHT: 184  40: 4.47

Andy Hart:4Yr starter. All American. Decent hips and feet. Closes. Turns head. High points ball. Can play inside or out. 

Paul Perillo:Undercuts deep ball; Missed some tackles; Plays inside and out; Struggles with stack formations; Loses WR on crossing routes; Lots of experience.

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 197  40: 4.41

Andy Hart:Bobby's son. 2Yr starter. Physical. Plays run. Not elite quickness. Breaks on ball. Loses QB. Not elite change of direction. Hits. Future safety? 

Paul Perillo:Nice support; Aggressive; Good, physical tackler; Shows tight coverage; Shadows receivers well.

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 199  40: 4.62

Andy Hart:Multiple suspensions with Gators. Slow 40 time. Quicker than fast. Aggressive. Plays ball well. Reads plays well. Blitzes. Seems like boom or bust type, all things considered. 

Paul Perillo: Not overly physical; Ankle tackler; Gets handsy at times; Guys ran by him too often; Aggressive; Nice technique knocking down passes.


HEIGHT:6-1   WEIGHT: 199  40: 4.40 

Andy Hart:29 PD and 9 INT last two years. Long arms. Press man guy. Aggressive on breaks. Closes and wraps. Not great hips or feet. Reminds me a little bit of McCourty. Good eyes in backfield. 

Paul Perillo:Leaves a cushion; Plays both sides; Versatile/covered some TEs; Chasing across the middle; Missed some tackles; Solid in deep middle; Tight and aggressive downfield.

HEIGHT:6-0  WEIGHT:195   40: 4.44

Andy Hart:Late developing major off-field concerns. 2Yr starter. Slot and outside. Captain. Knows routes. But average reaction time. Guys get behind him. Not smooth in breaks. Avg. at best vs. run. Not elite but pretty solid all around. 

Paul Perillo:Loses man deep at times; Not a great tackler; Nice undercut out of slot; Peeks at QB at times; Aggressive; Solid.

Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado

HEIGHT:6-0   WEIGHT: 202  40: 4.43

Andy Hart:4Yr starter. Played all secondary spots over career. Confident reads. Calm back pedal. Gunner. Gives up cushion.Too flat-footed at times. Meh tackler. Versatile. Not elite anything.* *

Paul Perillo:Leaves too big a cushion; Shaky tackler/goes high; Good speed; Played special  teams; Worked in slot; Versatile.

Jalen Myrick, Minnesota

HEIGHT: 5-10 WEIGHT: 200  40: 4.28 

Andy Hart:Faster than quick. KOR. Durable. Long arms. Smooth and confident. Plays ball. Not much jam. Not physical. Always around WR. 

Paul Perillo:KR ability; Can turn and run with receivers; Good deep coverage; Great speed; Good ball skills; More finesse and has technique issues.

HEIGHT:6-1   WEIGHT:185   40: 4.57

Andy Hart:Fast 3-cone. Good length. Smooth for size. Fights through blocks and tackles. Good back pedal and breaks on ball. 

Paul Perillo:A bit loose on outs; Closes quickly; Special teams; Closes quickly in run support; Quick; Versatile.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT:209   40:4.59  

Andy Hart:1YR starter. FBS best 8 INT. Big and long. Big play style. Jumps routes. plays smart. Like Rowe with more upside. 

Paul Perillo:Fights in coverage; Not a great tackler; Doesn't fight off blocks; Leaves cushion; Jumps routes; Good size; Moves around.

Fabian Moreau, UCLA

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 206  40: 4.35

Andy Hart:3Yr starter. Captain. Wowed Combine. Flat feet at LOS. Tracks too much. Handsy. Not elite. 

Paul Perillo:Gets beat deep at times but shows great competitveness; Jumps slants; Not overly physical as tackler; Good size/speed; Grabs a bit.

HEIGHT: 5-10  WEIGHT:186  40: 4.42 

Andy Hart:Returner and playmaker with ball in his hands. Track guy. Elite athlete but raw CB. Faster than quick. Captain.

Paul Perillo:Dynamic with ball/execellent athlete; Played offense as well; Plays off too much; Leaves big cushion on outs; Aggressive breaking on ball.

Kevin King, Washington

HEIGHT:6-3  WEIGHT:200  40:4.43  

Andy Hart:Safety and CB. Doesn't really play to size or speed. Turns and runs early. Doesn't trust quickness or techinque. Puts head down tackling. 

Paul Perillo:Solid ball skills; Great INT on fade; Bad press technique; Lowers head to tackle; Versatile; Not physical; Gets beat deep.

HEIGHT:5-11  WEIGHT:206   40: 4.53 

Andy Hart:

Paul Perillo:KR/PR potential; May be a safety in NFL; Versatile; Slow off snap; Physical; Doesn't bump at line; Good break on ball; Generally pretty tight in coverage. 

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT:211   40:4.54  

Andy Hart:Guys get behind him too often. Good size. Slow reactions. Good effort and motor. Not quick or reactive enough to be elite corner. 

Paul Perillo:Aggressive coverage; Tight across middle; Doesn't fight off blocks in run game; Guys beat him early but recovers nicely; Will turn and look for ball; Not overly quick.


HEIGHT:5-10  WEIGHT: 188  40: 4.54

Andy Hart:Domestic violence/off-field questions. Long arms. Will tackle, but misses to many. Grabs at times. Gets blocked too easy on run. 

Paul Perillo:Press coverage; Used in slot; Chases a lot; KR ability; Seems to get lost in zones; Not strong in run game.

HEIGHT:5-11   WEIGHT:188   40: 4.52 

Andy Hart:4 Yr starter. Man and zone. Captain. PR. Played some safety at SR Bowl. Confident back pedal. Not great jam. Meh. Too high.

Paul Perillo:Chases too much; Beaten deep; Good tackler; Soft in zone coverage; Blitzes well;  PR ability; Not a great cover guy.

HEIGHT:5-10   WEIGHT: 184  40: 4.54

Andy Hart: Loose and fluid. Tracks well. Not real quick or fast. Plays run. Hits and tackles. Aggressive. Plays ball. Good breaks. 

Paul Perillo:Quick reaction to run/low tackler; Physical; Good instincts; Good ball skills; Aggressive; Solid.

Ahkello Witherspoon, Colorado

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT:198  40: 4.45

Andy Hart:Led nation 22 PD. Confident back pedal. Pretty quick but guys run by him. Could use hands more. Tackler?

Paul Perillo:Beaten deep; Good size; Late to turn; Competes; Good speed; Doesn't tackle; Package doesn't equal sum of parts.

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