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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Defensive Line

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the defensive line prospects entering the 2017 NFL Draft.


The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the defensive lineman.
* - indicates underclassman


HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 268  40: 4.64 

Andy Hart:3YR starter RDE. All American. Wins with speed but has some counter moves too. Gets walled off vs run at times. Not afraid to take on blocks. Good motor. Plays under control and heady. Elite prospect.

Paul Perillo:Likes to get upfield; Good quickness; Good under move; Gets around corner easily; Mostly pass rusher and not much else.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 265  40: 4.88 

Andy Hart:3YR starter RDE. doesn't have truely elite quickness. But elite prodcution in SEC. Alittle slow off ball. Stands up at snap. High motor and want to.. 

Paul Perillo:Productive and athletic pass rusher; Gets upfield; Good speed; Can hold the edge; Nice swim move; Teams ran away from his side.

3 | Taco Charlton, Michigan

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 272  40: 4.92 

Andy Hart:1YR starter who is still more potential than near finished product. Lacks elite quickness. Uses hands and length well. Almost looks like McGinest. Slow reaction at times off snap. Can hold POA. Smart and patient.

Paul Perillo:Tough time getting off blocks occasionally; Gets sucked inside at times; Nice spin move; Good on edge; Motor could improve.

4 | Solomon Thomas*, Stanford

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 275  40: 4.69 

Andy Hart:Lacks elite edge quickness. Sort of a DT/DE tweener. Fights through and finishes. Decent power vs. Double team. Very good against one blocker. Good motor and athlete.

Paul Perillo:Good power; Lines up inside at times; Splits G & T well; Very quick with a good motor.

HEIGHT: 6-3 WEIGHT: 255  40: 4.82 

Andy Hart:OLB? Obvious upside and potential with coaching. Controlled at times by tackle. Wins wide and fast. Good motor and effort. Only OK hands. Limited PR moves. . 

Paul Perillo:Good edge speed; Explosive; Great athlete; Slams down to play the run; Beats blockers with moves, not power.


HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 253  40:  4.67

Andy Hart:Injury history 14-15. 35 reps 225. Captain. Quick. Strong enough. Appears to take plays off at times. Lacks elite length. Intriguing prospect. 

Paul Perillo:Gets upfield; Plays run adequately; A bit undersized; Moves well laterally; Can get overpowered; Great motor.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 259  40:4.7  

Andy Hart:Gets off and fights. Stays home and heady. Good bubble. Smart. Athletic. Clear upside.

Paul Perillo:Good outside pressure; Good motor; Stays disciplined; Mobile; Good quickness; Could use some bulk.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 255  40: 4.65

Andy Hart:Elite Patriots measurables for edge. Blocks kicks. Plays on offense at times. Uses hands well. Some power. Avg. get-off. Good motor. True DE. Try-hard guy who can get the edge.

Paul Perillo:Generates consistent pressure wide; Nice up and in move; Good motor; Gets upfield; Tough; Plays the run effectively and closes well; Size could be a problem setting the edge.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 255  40: 4.52 

Andy Hart: Elite measurables fit Patriots edge mold. 39 starts. Doesn't play as explosive as numbers suggest. Not geat change of direction. Plays like a bigger player. Plays run OK. Solid all around. Ninkovich type.

Paul Perillo:Solid production; Sheds well; Not overly explosive; Stays with it; Can get handled wide.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 250  40: 4.61 

Andy Hart:3yr starter. Very good production at lower level. Undersize speed guy on edge. 3-4 fit. Losses sight of ball. Needs more moves.

Paul Perillo:Good athlete; Good production; Overly aggressive at times and takes himself out of plays; Competition level an issue.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 273  40: 4.86 

Andy Hart:Great SR year. All American. Not overly explosive. Gets controlled too often. Decent PR moves. Not as good vs run as should be with size. Rushes inside.

Paul Perillo:Not overly athletic; Not explosive; Moves around a lot; Productive; Does a nice job of splitting blockers.

HEIGHT: 6-7  WEIGHT: 280  40: 4.83 

Andy Hart:Looks the part. Quick off ball. Comp level? Should have dominated more. Needs better punch and hands. Gets cut. Closes and finishes. Body more than player at this point.

Paul Perillo:Strong; Huge; Doubled a lot; Plays both ends; Moves well for size; Decent up and under move; Typical edge guy.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 255  40: 4.77 

Andy Hart:Good not great production. Speed and effort guy. Gets pushed around too much. Runs down line well. Good motor. Quick move or nothing.

Paul Perillo:Explosive; Quick; Effective wide pass rush; Loses leverage at times; Slams down and makes himself vulnerable against the run.

Hunter Dimick, Utah

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 274  40: 4.87 

Andy Hart:Short arms. Good motor. Wide rushes. Smart and reliable. Not elite quickness. Avg. hands and punch.

Paul Perillo:Not overly athletic; Gets blocked too easily; Good production but seemed to get a lot of coverage sacks; Not overly impressive.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 265  40: 4.76 

Andy Hart:Should have produced more oppo Garrett. Former basketball player. Long but needs to learn to use his length better. Reminds a bit of Chandler Jones coming out. Gets walled off too often.

Paul Perillo:Lean build; Got pushed around at times; Loses contain; Didn't seem to benefit much from playing opposite Garrett.


HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 291 40: 5 

Andy Hart:Great hands and punch. Extends and sheds. Rushes inside. Good power. Wins inside and out. Versatile. Shorter version of Seymour.

Paul Perillo:Quick; Athletic; Penetrates; Solid pass rusher; versatile; Sheds well; Does everything well.

2 | Malik McDowell*, Michigan State

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 276  40: 4.85 

Andy Hart:Can play inside and out. Good athlete. Great frame. Plays too high at times. All the tools to be great. Huge upside, probably as 3-4 end or versatile tool up front.

Paul Perillo:Good speed; Can penetrate; Gets shoulders turned at times; Good strength; Beats doubles; Pursues well; Lacks motivation at times.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 297  40: 5.14 

Andy Hart:Disrutive. Good motor. Good punch and rip. Not elite speed or quickness. Can be doubled and pushed around. Fights down line.

Paul Perillo:Good quickness/athleticism; Not much pass rush moves; Physical but can be pushed around at times; Production was just average; Recent arrest will impact him.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 312  40: 5.06 

Andy Hart:2Yr starter. Interior rusher. Good power vs run and pass. Good tools DT. Solid quickness. Meh motor. Decent athlete. Can finish. Good all around.

Paul Perillo:Not much pass rush moves but solid production; Can move around the front; Collapses pocket; Active; Good strength; Splits doubles.

5 | Montravius Adams, Auburn

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 308  40: 487 

Andy Hart:Not great hands or punch. Quick off snap. Fires out with his head like a battering ram. Decent athlete. OL gets into his body too often. Closes and finishes. Technique needs work.

Paul Perillo:Tough and physical; Holds point of attack; Good shed and swim move; Penetrator; Plays run well; Solid.


Elijah Qualls*, Washington

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 321  40: 5.13 

Andy Hart:Built like run stuffer. Athletic. Short arms. Can split gaps and blockers. Can eat up blockers (and other stuff!). Solid hands and punch Can more around.

Paul Perillo:Powerful fire hydrant on inside; Pushes pocket; Not much of a pass rusher; Gets little penetration; Holds point of attack; Solid run stuffer.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 312  40: 5.19 

Andy Hart:True run stuffer. Holds ground vs. DBL. Uses hands and extends. Not fat. Play DE at times but future is over G. Reads well.

Paul Perillo:NT type; Fights through doubles; Active space eater; Strong; Solid run force.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 304  40: 4.97 

Andy Hart:4YR starter. Comp level? Gets pushed around. GEts turned. Will need time to develop at NFL level. Can penetrate. Certainly has some upside.

Paul Perillo:Good athlete; Active; Very quick; Gets penetration; Plays all over front; Gets overpowered a bit inside.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 315  40: 5.33 

Andy Hart:Long.. Powerful. Force. Doesn't really get blocked 1 on 1. Long injuries. Too high at times. Motor? Clear upside value.

Paul Perillo:Strong; Good size; Physical; Quick penetrator; Collapses pocket; Tough interior presence; Solid.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 295  40: 5.11 

Andy Hart:Looks the part. Decent athlete. Splits the DBL. Too high at times. Good motor and finishes.

Paul Perillo:Physical; Pretty athletic; Strong; Good motor; Tough; Penetrator.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 297  40: 4.92 

Andy Hart:Captain. 24yo. Considered high-floor prospect. Solid all around. Not very explosive. Not an impact NFL playmaker. Not DT stout. More like big DE. Some quickness as interior sub rusher.

Paul Perillo:Can play outside; Good speed; Moves well laterally; Physical; Needs to be quicker off the ball.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 309  40:  5.38 

Andy Hart:2YR starter. Uses hands. Good size and strength. Fights blocks well. Avg. athlete. Not real quick. Power and technique guy. Not much upside. Solid, good effort type.

Paul Perillo:Good run stopper; Active as 4-3 DT; Decent pass rush; Nice job shedding and finding ball; Gets pushed around at times.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 299  40: 5.13 

Andy Hart:33 starts. Avg. quickness and athlete. Fights and fires out. Smart. Needs better hands. Not a true run stuffer or penetrator. NFL backup, effort guy.

Paul Perillo:Plays with good strength; Good motor; Good pursuit; Does it more with hard work than ability; Overachiever.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 310  40: 5.07 

Andy Hart:

Paul Perillo:Penetrator; Fast; Mobile; Sheds quickly; Finds the ball; Active.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 293  40: 5.27 

Andy Hart:Off field questions. Fights DBL ok. Not an athlete. Heavy, slow feet. Catches blocker too often. Slow off ball. Backup.

Paul Perillo:Versatile; Gets pushed around a bit; Moves well but tends to run around blocks rsather than fighting through them; Problems with effort at times.

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