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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Linebacker

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the linebacker prospects entering the 2017 NFL Draft.


The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the linebacker.
* - indicates underclassman


HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 237  40: 4.52

Andy Hart: 2 year starter at LDE. Off-field issues. Athlete. Explosive. Not huge. Needs better hands to beat blocks. LB instincts? Closes and finishes. Projection but potential. 

Paul Perillo:Instinctive; Quick; Closes fast; Effective using inside moves; Tough; Competitive; Short for edge. 

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT:250   40: 4.59 

Andy Hart:March shoulder surgery. Played lot DE. Decent athlete. No elite LB change of direction. OK hands. Fights blockers. Looks like Steelers OLB. 

Paul Perillo:Good speed; Beats T off snap; Plays hard; A bit short for edge guy; A bit stiff; Not many PR moves/beats with speed.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 234  40: 4.67 

Andy Hart:Lean. Not as explosive as ideal. Gets through wash. Doesn't really take on blocks. Gets blocked too easy. Tackler more than hitter. Can drop. Above average not elite. 

Paul Perillo:Great size; Plays the run; Good athlete; Instinctive; Needs some bulk; Versatile; Not overly physical.

HEIGHT:6-3  WEIGHT: 252  40: 4.68

Andy Hart:Off-field questions. Just a pass rusher. Quick, explosive and violent. Powerful. Uses hands. All the tools to have huge upside and better pro career than college.

Paul Perillo:Explosive edge guy; Closes quickly; Physical; Beats with first step; Doesn't hold point of attack; Doesn't appear fluid/instinctive at times.

HEIGHT: 6-4 WEIGHT: 252  40:4.69  

Andy Hart:1 year on defense and starter. Very good production. Uses hands well. Good length and motor. Played on two feet as true OLB. History of knee issues. Riding the family name. 

Paul Perillo: Great size; Good motor; Pursues well; Competes; Collapses pocket; Only 1-year and durability concerns; Not as athletic as brother.


HEIGHT:6-3   WEIGHT: 247  40: 4.57

Andy Hart:Impressive measurables. 23 starts. Decent length. Avg. athlete. Can close and finish. Mostly rushed in college. Gets blocked to much. 

Paul Perillo:Explosive athlete; Can cover TEs; Needs some bulk; Raw but has PR ability; Interesting.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT:253  40: 4.78

Andy Hart:Makes plays. Not overly quick, fast or powerful..

Paul Perillo:High motor; Controls blockers; Sets edge; Strong; Good tackler; Competes; Tough; Solid.


HEIGHT:6-0   WEIGHT:232   40:4.58  

Andy Hart:Size isn't ideal. Captain and team MVP. Not a real fluid athlete. Finds ball. Solid. High floor, low ceiling guy. 

Paul Perillo:Athletic; Pursues well; Mobile; Plays in coverage; ST; Small; Not a pass rush but solid 4-3 off-line WLB.


HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT:240   40: 4.63 

Andy Hart:Lot of injuries.

Paul Perillo:Good size; Athletic; Mobile; Covered some TEs; Active; Durability concerns/injured all 4 years; Versatile.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT:242  40: 4.72 

No comments.

HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 246  40:4.84

No comments.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 220  40:  4.76

No comments.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT:246   40:  4.67

Andy Hart:True OLB on two feet. 40 starts. Athlete. Good power. Avg. athlete. probably a backup.  

Paul Perillo:Great size; Holds edge; Uses hands well to keep blockers at bay; Leader; Not much coverage experience; All PR but just modest production.


HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 242  40: 4.64 

Andy Hart:Played DE. Uses hands. Decent strength. Moves well. Motor? Mostly pass rusher. 

Paul Perillo:Quick off the ball; Explodes around end; Pursues well; Good closing burst; Doesn't set edge.

Dylan Donahue, West Georgia

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT:243  40: 4.75

No comments.

HEIGHT:6-0   WEIGHT:230   40: 4.72 

No comments.

Javancy Jones, Jackston State

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 245  40: 4.78

No comments.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 248  40: 4.82

No comments.


HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 221  40: 4.67

No comments.

Calvin Munson, San Diego State

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT:245   40: 4.78 

No comments.


HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 229  40: 4.72

Andy Hart:Little undersized, but doesn't play like it. Runs and hits. Jerk at the Combine. Needs better hands to shed. Always at the ball. Fills the gap. Start counting his 100-tackle NFL seasons now. 

Paul Perillo:Athletic and aggressive; Strong against run; Can rush too; Good mobility; High tackler; Part of a great defense but was at center of things; Combine issues.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 238  40: 4.62

Andy Hart:A lot of injuries. Takes on blocks. Good closing speed and quickness. Runs sideline to sideline. Finds the football and finishes. Will be stud if healthy.

Paul Perillo:Good speed; Pursues well; Good run plugger; Decent in coverage; Good instincts; High tackler.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 240  40: 4.61

Andy Hart: Total package. Captain. Uses his hands and sheds. Not elite in terms of quickness or explosion.Wraps. Solid but not elite.

Paul Perillo:Good speed; Bites on play action at times; Trouble shedding blockers at times; Athletic with good speed and size.

4 | Anthony Walker Jr.*, Northwestern

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 238  40: 4.65

Andy Hart:3Yr starter. Aggressive hitting the gap. New age MLB type. Overruns ball at times. Productive. Probably SPT and backup. 

Paul Perillo: Attacks well; Solid against run; Sheds and fights; Aggressive; Will shoot gaps at times.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT:243   40: 4.82 

Andy Hart:3Yr starter and leader. Avg. athlete. Slow, heavy feet. Can shed. Slow to react at times. Run playing MLB. Meh. 

Paul Perillo:Good size; Aggressive; Solid against the run; Not overly fast and will now have to return from torn ACL.


HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT:240  40: 4.78 

Andy Hart:OLB? 3Yr starter. Lean build. Uses hands OK. Overruns ball. Not super physical. Good late value. 

Paul Perillo: Moves well; Good instincts; Runs around blocks too much; Good tackler but not overly physical; Needs more aggression.


HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT:242   40:4.73  

Andy Hart:All-time, all-level career tackle leader with 633. 3-way player. Captain. Has a chance as late pick, SPT. 

Paul Perillo:Tremendous production at D-II level; Over 600 tackles; Played RB, P, K as well; Closes quickly; Instinctive; Plays extremely hard.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 244  40:4.75  

Andy Hart:All Academic. Strong production. Very aveage athlete. Not really fast or quick. NFL backup.

Paul Perillo:Gets blocked too much but fights; Pursues well; Can get after it physically; Good size; Good tackler.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 251  40: 4.66

Andy Hart:Former RB. Overruns plays. Average speed and quickness. Aggressive. Doesn't shed well enough. Not overly fluid. Miss too many chances to make plays. SPT or backup, maybe. 

Paul Perillo:Played RB as well; Great size; Plays downhill; Aggressive; Takes on blocks; Shaky tackler.

Jayon Brown, UCLA

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 231 40: 4.70 

No comments.

Riley Bullough, Michigan State

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 226  40: 4.73

Andy Hart:Next in the family line. Good production. Captain. Old-school MLB. Ok athlete. Reads and diagnoses well. Not great speed. Not big or powerful enough. 

Paul Perillo:High motor; Plays downhill; Takes on blocks; Lacks size/bulk; Limited athlete; Trouble in coverage. 

HEIGHT:6-0   WEIGHT: 238  40:  4.84

Andy Hart:Plays nasty and maybe dirty. Small and slow, bad combo. Misses too many tackles. Catches blockers. Blocked too easy. No thanks. 

Paul Perillo: Tremendously confident at Combine; Instinctive; Slips blocks; Productive; Lacks size and can get swallowed when taking on blocks.

Eric Wilson, Cincinnati

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 220  40: 4.68 

No comments.

Hardy Nickerson, Illinois

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 236  40: 4.78

Andy Hart:

Paul Perillo:Great instincts; Plays off blocks; Productive; Lacks size and struggles in coverage.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 232  40: 4.51

Andy Hart:36 starts. OLB. Good production. Good athlete. Created buzz with impressive pro day. Gets pushed around at times. Can get through the wash, though. 

Paul Perillo:

Blair Brown, Ohio

HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 238  40: 4.65 

Andy Hart:3yr starter. Short. Downhill player. Limited NFL role.  

Paul Perillo:Agile; Quick; Athletic; Plays sideline to sideline; Struggles in coverage.

Tanner Vallejo, Boise State

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 228  40: 4.67 

Andy Hart:Good production. Almost played as S tweener. Runs OK. Aggressive. Plays over slot at times. Flies up on short throws. Spt?

Paul Perillo:Active; Solid open field tackler; Versatile; Lacks size; Struggles to get off blocks.

Kevin Davis, Colorado State

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 237  40: 4.91

No comments.

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 236  40: 4.92 

No comments.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 245  40: 4.79

No comments.

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