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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Quarterback

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the QB prospects entering the 2017 NFL Draft.


The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the quarterbacks.
* - indicates underclassman


HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 221 | 40: 4.66

Andy Hart: Confident, proven winner. Lot of quick, simple throws. Runner. Leader. No fear. Just flat out loses some throws. Rush takes focus away from reads.

Paul Perillo: Tough; Can run; Floats some passes; Will force it at times; Nice touch to TE down the seam; Nice back shoulder throws; Better between the numbers; A winner.

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 222 | 40: 4.67

Andy Hart: 1-year starter in shotgun. Not great under pressure. Average arm. Decent athlete. Lot of screens. Will take time in NFL offense.

Paul Perillo: Zone reads out of the gun; Good mobility; Occasionally doesn't step into throws; Lot of throws to slot; Decent but not great arm.

HEIGHT: 6-4 | WEIGHT: 214 | 40: 4.84

Andy Hart: Three-year starter. Pro-style offense in 2016. Skinny. Nice touch and accuracy. Can make NFL throws. Locks on at times. Late throws.

Paul Perillo: Average arm; Decent mobility; Throws sail down middle; Inaccurate at times; Late on outside throws; Competes; Makes plays down the seams.

HEIGHT: 6-4 | WEIGHT: 233 | 40: 4.83

Andy Hart: Looks like NFL QB. Low completion percentage. Too many fumbles. Solid arm and can throw on move. Stares at target. Doesn't always step into throws.

Paul Perillo: Stands tall in pocket and fires; All timing throws; Lot of high throws; Can run; Doesn't see the field well; Lot of check downs; Very inconsistent.

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 225 | 40: 4.8

Andy Hart: Looks frail. Terrible mechanics on a lot of throws. Creative and fun to watch. Lot of throws that make you shake your head, good and bad. Raw. No thanks.

Paul Perillo: Feet are always moving while throwing; Lot of timing/zone read looks; Quick slants; Will take chances; Slings the ball; Poor mechanics; A gamer.


HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 229  40: 4.47 

Andy Hart: Spread, Bear Attack offense is issue. Captain. Bad deep balls. Good frame to build on. Has upside.

Paul Perillo: Zone reads; Moves well; Lots of quicks screens; Does nothing overly well; Average; Appears rattled at times.

HEIGHT:  6-2 WEIGHT:  226 40:  4.82

Andy Hart: Two-year starter in pro-style offense. Big hands. Married. Suspect throws, ball placement and accuracy. Average arm at best.

Paul Perillo: Works under center and in gun; Happy feet in pocket; Decent arm; Throws well on run; Sees the field and shows nice touch.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 232  40: 4.76 

Andy Hart: 3-year starter and 3X captain. Runs a little. Can catch! Scrappy. OK arm and accuracy.Decent deep ball.

Paul Perillo: Nice touch on deep ball in space; Good slants; Good mobility; Lot of 1-read throws; Project at NFL level.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 232  40: 4.8 

Andy Hart: One-year starter and JUCO guy. Not accurate. Slow decisions. Power runner. Too erratic and inconsistent.

Paul Perillo: All spread out of gun; Good speed; Decent touch; Accurate deep ball; Uses back shoulder throws.

HEIGHT:  6-2 WEIGHT:  224 40: 4.76 

Andy Hart: Lot of off-field red flags.Can run. Good arm. Decent touch. Not fluid or smooth. Slow reads.

Paul Perillo: Deceptive mobility; Gamer; Late on outs at times; Sling shot motion; Nice accuracy; Back shoulder throws.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 216  40: 4.64


Andy Hart: 2-year starter. Runner. Spread. Thin. Seems to get flustered. Not afraid of coverage, for better and worse. Not accurate.

Paul Perillo: Good feet and speed; Inconsistent; Throws into traffic; Not accurate; Lacks pocket awareness.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 219 40: 4.86 

Andy Hart: Low completion percentage. 2X captain. Enough arm. Nothing stands out. NFL backup at best.

Paul Perillo: Heavy feet; Decent runner; Lot of quick screens/short stuff; Everything gets out quick; Nothing special.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 213  40: 4.67 

Andy Hart: Low completion rate. Can run. Injury history. Nice short accuracy and decent bucket throws.

Paul Perillo: System guy; Quick screens and go routes; Pretty mobile; Accuracy issues; Floats a lot of passes.

Bart Houston, Wisconsin

HEIGHT:  6-3 WEIGHT: 235  40: 4.93 

Andy Hart: Barely played. Jittery. Motion looks like Philip Rivers. Average arm. Limited in every way.

Paul Perillo: Lacks arm strength; Lot of dumpoffs; Quick outs and slants; Not much experience; Nothing special.

HEIGHT:  6-3 WEIGHT: 228  40: 4.93

Andy Hart: 4-year starter. Captain. Questionable arm. Floats a lot of balls. Spread gun. Accuracy. No thanks.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Alek Torgersen, Pennsylvania

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 218  40: 4.87

Andy Hart: Takes care of ball. Can run some. Good touch and accuracy. Not much arm.

Paul Perillo: Good mobility; Lots of option; 1st-read guy; Tucks and runs often; Lots of floating passes/overthrows.

Trevor Knight, Texas A&M

HEIGHT:  6-1 WEIGHT: 219  40: 4.54

Andy Hart: Low completion rate. Short. Solid athlete. Short accuracy. Spread guy. Meh.

Paul Perillo: Forces the ball at times; Good mobility; Misses high at times; Gamer; Nice deep touch; Read option stuff.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 206  40: 4.89

No Comments.

Mitch Leidner, Minnesota

HEIGHT:  6-3 WEIGHT: 232  40: 4.93 

No Comments.

Ryan Higgins,Louisiana Tech

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 209  40: 4.78

No Comments.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 239  40: 4.97

No Comments.

Austin Appleby, Florida

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 240  40: 5.09

No Comments.

Patrick Towles, Boston College

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 253  40: 4.82

No Comments.

Trenton Norvell, Western Illinois

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 225  40: 4.89 

No Comments.

Greyson Lambert, Georgia

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 220  40: 4.98

No Comments.

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