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PFW in Progress Recap 11/4: Patriots - Redskins Preview


We're breaking down the top segments from Wednesday's edition of the PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing. Hit play on the podcast above and forward to the segments indicated below to listen.

0:02:00 -Fred Kirsch began today's program very perplexed by his IPhone. Fred informed PFW Producer Kevin and the audience that he had mistakenly erased all of the data from his IPhone accidentally.

0:20:00 -Andy Hart joined the show straight from the Patriots locker room and immediately faced a question from Fred; Should the Patriots fear the Denver defense?

0:36:00 -Paul Perillo joined today's show in progress. He had his own opinion on how the Patriots stack up with the Broncos.

1:01:00 -Erik Scalavino stopped by after the the lunch break straight from the practice field with a report on today's attendance.

1:06:00 -Melvin in Tennessee called the show on the Ace Ticket Hot-Line. Melvin had a controversial take on the Patriots perfect 7-0 record.

1:14:00 -Bob Socci visited the show to defend his honor against Andy Hart. Bob and Andy battled over whether Bob is too subdued during his game broadcasts.

1:43:00 -The show wrapped up discussing this week's opponents the Washington Redskins. The PFW boys discussed some individual match-ups to keep an eye on this Sunday.

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