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PFW in Progress Recap 12/22: Jets Preview and our week 16 picks


We're breaking down the top segments from Thursday's edition of PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing.

0:02:00 - Fred Kirsch, Paul Perillo, Andy Hart, and Erik Scalavino were all present for the start of today's very special Christmas edition of PFW In Progress. The show began with rocket shots by none other than the boss himself, Fred Kirsch, directed at Andy Hart's morning performance on WEEI. 

0:25:00 - Fred stuck to his guns and made the proclamation that Andy can never criticize any other radio host after his terrible performance on WEEI. In fact, the boss encouraged Andy to just give up radio all together. 

0:50:00 - Loyal PFW In Progress listener Dan Heffron provided a unique twist on his annual Christmas Poem. This year, Dan made Fred Kirsch break out into song. 

1:03:00 - Alex in Orlando provided lunch for the PFW Crew and called the show on the Ace Ticket Hotline. 

1:32:00 -The PFW Boys conducted their weekly "picks" segment where each PFW picks every NFL game both with and without a spread. 

1:54:00 - Erik Scalavino rejoined the show from the Patriots locker room with a recap of Patriots wide receiver Michael Floyd's first chat with the New England media. 

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