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PFW in Progress Recap 5/5: Patriots Rookies; Brady's Cookbook


We're breaking down the top segments from Thursday's edition of the PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing.

0:02:00 - The gang was all here today for PFW In Progress. Fred, Paul, Andy, and Erik were all in their usual places for a Thursday edition of the show. Today's first topic was Tom Brady's new cook book. Andy Hart was not thrilled with the price of Brady's newest marketing idea.  

0:15:00 - What's a PFW In Progress episode without some riveting "deflategate" talk? The PFW crew touched on the latest from the saga that just won't seem to go away.

0:27:00 - The show discussed Bill Belichick's draft history and his theory on identifying talent. 

0:50:00 - Paul Perillo was back 100% healthy on today's show off his colonoscopy yesterday. Paul regaled the PFW boys and the audience with his tale of heroism from yesterday's procedure. 

1:10:00 - Mark from the Bay Area bought the boys lunch today. He wrote in an email lamenting the Patriots 2016 Draft Class, but was intrigued by at least a few of the players selected. 

1:20:00 - Patriots third round draft choice Jacoby Brissett seems to be the most talked about of the New England draft choices. Many folks in the North Carolina area called and emailed in to talk about his performance at NC State last season.

1:40:00 - The show wrapped up with more draft discussion on how Bill Belichick evaluates talent as well as some leftover colonoscopy chatter. What could be better? 

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