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Patriots Monday (WEEI Simulcast) Mon Jan 17 | 08:55 AM - 05:00 PM

PFW in Progress Recap 8/30: Tom Brady; Recent Moves


We're breaking down the top segments from Tuesday's edition of PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing.

0:02:00 - Today's episode of PFW In Progress featured a full house with Fred, Paul, Andy, and Erik all on the show. Today's program began by breaking down the Patriots pre-season victory in Carolina on Friday night. 

0:07:00 - The injury to Tony Romo has proven to be a major NFL story line and was dissected on today's show. 

0:15:00 - The Patriots trade for Barkevious Mingo was a topic of discussion on today's podcast. Is Mingo big enough to make an impact rushing the passer? 

0:20:00- Yesterday, the Patriots released nose tackle Terrence Knighton. Knighton was expected by many to make the New England roster. 

0:35:00 - Fred Kirsch took on some of his haters on "Kirsch Words". 

0:58:00 - The latest round of cuts and potential future cuts were a topic of discussion during the middle of today's show. 

1:24:00 - Twitter took center stage as a hot button topic. Fred, Paul, Andy, and Erik all had different opinions on the value of Twitter and if it is here to stay. 

1:45:00 - Should Jimmy Garoppolo start Thursday's pre season finale against the Giants? 

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