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PFW's NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

Patriots Football Weekly's Andy Hart shares his PFW NFL Power Rankings as we head into Week 13. Rankings are based off of the Wilson-Hart Power Index.

Here are the PFW NFL Power Rankings as we head into Week 13. Rankings are based off of the Wilson-Hart Power Index.

Patriots Football Weekly created a weekly Power Ranking based on the proprietary Wilson-Hart Power Index. The system uses the most important statistics in the game -- those most closely associated to winning and losing -- to rank all 32 NFL teams based on their performance to date this season.

**1****1****New England Patriots****9-2-0****6.167**
24Dallas Cowboys 10-1-08.333
33Minnesota Vikings 6-5-08.500
42Seattle Seahawks 7-3-18.667
55Kansas City Chiefs 8-3-09.000
67Denver Broncos 7-4-09.333
66Oakland Raiders 9-2-09.333
812Pittsburgh Steelers 6-5-010.667
99Buffalo Bills 6-5-010.833
1011Atlanta Falcons 7-4-012.167
1113Miami Dolphins 7-4-012.333
1216New York Giants 8-3-012.500
1310Washington Redskins 6-4-112.667
148Philadelphia Eagles 5-6-013.167
1514Baltimore Ravens 6-5-013.833
1517Tennessee Titans 6-6-013.833
1719San Diego Chargers 5-6-014.667
1814Detroit Lions 7-4-015.000
1918New Orleans Saints 5-6-015.333
2022Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-5-016.000
2119Arizona Cardinals 4-6-117.667
2226Green Bay Packers 5-6-019.667
2323Cincinnati Bengals 3-7-120.667
2423Houston Texans 6-5-021.167
2521Indianapolis Colts 5-6-021.500
2627Carolina Panthers 4-7-021.667
2725Los Angeles Rams 4-7-023.167
2828Chicago Bears 2-9-025.500
2929Jacksonville Jaguars 2-9-026.833
3031New York Jets  3-8-027.000
3130San Francisco 49ers 1-10-027.167
3232Cleveland Browns 0-12-030.167
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