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Players react to Brady's game winning drive

Patriots players share their thoughts on the team’s game-winning touchdown drive..

Patriots players share their thoughts on the team's game-winning touchdown drive.

Danny Amendola

*(On the final minutes of the game) *
"We put a lot of work into a situation like that, being down five points with 2:10 left and getting out there and trying to sustain a drive and keep the chains moving, get in position to throw some shots down the field and Cookie [Brandin Cooks] made a great play to win the game. It was awesome to see."

Malcolm Butler

*(On whether or not comebacks get old) *
"I mean it never fails. Every time I think it's going down it never goes I just hope we can keep it up."

*(On his thoughts when Tom Brady had the ball on the final drive) *
"I don't know. I was just thinking he was going to come through for us and he did. Everyone has a little doubt. You don't think he's going to come through every time, but he came through."

Brandin Cooks

(On the winning touchdown)
"Tom Brady made a special throw and I was just sitting there catching the ball. It was a perfect throw with perfect timing, and I expected nothing less from Tom."

(On what it was like to be a part of a Patriots comeback)
"It was amazing. I feel so blessed."

*(On being on the winning side of one of Tom Brady's fourth-quarter comeback victories) *
"Happy to have [Tom] on my team. It was a tough one. He pulled it out, we pulled it out as a team. We got a lot of work to do."

*(On the team's feeling when Brady was driving the offense down the field on the final drive) *
"Everybody was calm. I've seen [Brady] do it before. It was good situational football at the end, so that's how we were able to get the win."

Rob Gronkowski

(On the game-winning touchdown)
"I mean it was awesome. I was just jamming [on] that play. I saw Tom [Brady] release the ball and [Brandin] Cooks open. I was like, 'Please have this complete for a touchdown'. I was like, 'I see Cooks wide open,' and it was a great throw. Tom played a great game and a lot of players played good. It was just awesome to see Cooks tap his toes. On the little review, on the screen during the game they showed a replay and he was in. He did a great job and what a great catch." 

Chris Hogan

(On the game-winning drive)
"We had a lot of energy and we know what we're capable of, and as long as we're able to go out there and do our job and do it right and make some plays, we were able to move the ball down the field. Rob [Gronkowski] stepped up, Brandin [Cooks] obviously had a great game and Tommy [Brady], we have all the confidence in the world in him in a two-minute drive to win the game."

Shaq Mason

(On Tom Brady's game-winning drive)
"It's 100 percent confidence, not just in Tom, it's confidence in every guy beside us. It's having faith and trust in every guy on the field."

Nate Solder

*(On the comeback win) *
"Tom [Brady] is amazing. Against a really tough defense, we played our best ball when we needed it. We played bad for a lot of the game, not up to our standard. But when you win and pull off a win even in tough circumstances, there's something to be said for that. I think that's a building block that we can continue to build off of. We showed a lot of character, we showed a lot of endurance and that's the kind of guys that we have. It's not always going to be perfect, guys are still learning and getting better, but we're all that way. We've got to keep working at it."

Deatrich Wise, Jr.

*(On being a teammate of Tom Brady) *
"Legendary, he's just a legend. It was awesome to watch that from my eyes after being on the team and not from home… you kind of got to get behind the scenes in the sense of you seeing his leadership and what makes him, him. [You see] how he talks to the team and how he makes adjustments. You see it in practice and then you see it in the game. It's awesome." 

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