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Post-Game Press Conference

Coach Belichick talks about the season opener against the Jets. Click on the play button at the side to listen.Click on the Full Article button for a full transcript.



            BB: It's a tough loss, it's a real tough loss. We just have to play a little bit better, we have  got to play a little bit better. I think that there were some positive things out there today, but it just wasn't good enough in a tight game. We made too many mistakes. We had key turnovers. We couldn't get the ball in the endzone. I thought we moved the ball and had some opportunities and we didn't take advantage of them. Defensively we had two bad drive and that's where they got their points from. We have just got to play a little bit better. It is too bad, I think the team really deserves better.  

The last drive after Bledsoe got hit he kind of got his bell wrung. He said he was okay, I thought he was okay, but he really wasn't. I shouldn't have put him back in there so we went with Brady on the last drive, but probably should have done it the series before. I think he was still a little woozy even though he was coherent so that is why we did that.

Q: You said that you felt like you deserved better, but it seemed like there were an awful lot of mistakes?
BB: Too many mistakes, too many mistakes. Too many good things were negated by the mistakes, right.

Q: Some of the penalties today, the personal foul is kind of uncharacteristic of this team in the last couple of years, why three of them today?
BB: Wish I knew, wish I knew. We have got to use better judgement. They were costly and a lot of penalty yardage came at some key times and you can't give away yards like that.

BB: We need to play better, we need to play better then we played today. It is as simple as that. We played better than we played against Cincinnati, but we need to play better than this. We are capable of playing better. As I said we had mistakes at key times. We need to eliminate those mistakes. We had opportunities, we just weren't able to capitalize on them. They made a couple of more plays than we did, not many.

Q: Did Drew want to come out in that last series?
BB: We put Brady in because I didn't think he was ready to go.

Q: Outside of the one possession the running game is still trying to get on track. What is there right now that can jump start that, if anything?
BB: There were several plays in there where I thought we ran the ball pretty well. There were some holes, we ran hard and made some plays. I thought we did a decent job running the ball. I think it kept them off balance and it sort of slowed down the pass rush.

Q: You said that you shouldn't have let him back into the game after he played that one series after he got banged up, what made you think that was a mistake?
BB: Watching him play that one series, I just don't think he was himself.

Q: In terms of decision-making?
BB: He got his bell wrung on the sidelines. He was out, he got up, he came back and he was coherent. I talked to him he said he was okay, felt okay, but when he went in and started playing in that series I just didn't think that he was okay after I watched the series. That's what I thought.

Q: Did you talk to him about that series?
BB: I told him what the decision was, what we were going to do and I did it.

Q: What was his reaction?
BB: He understood what the decision was.

Q: Did he agree with it?
BB: Sure, ask him.

Q: Did [Marc] Edwards fumble just turn this game around in your mind?
BB: Well we had four turnovers. All four of them really were in the scoring area. We are down there certainly in field goal range or right on the fringe of field goal range on all four of the turnovers. Those are opportunities to score points. We didn't get any points out of those situations and you can't win without points in this league. We didn't get enough of them.

Q: You have that drive to start the third quarter you are down there, you have the turnover and it seems to have happened other times in the past, they come back on your defense and march some 90 yards. They appear to play very well for long periods of time and then they just stop and they don't get the stop. What do you think is the cause of that, do they get rattled in those situations?
BB: Nope, I don't think we were rattled. I think that they were able to make enough plays in that drive to move it down the field. They had a couple of runs, they had a couple of passes, they had a penalty. We played the touchdown run poorly. We just didn't handle the play well at all. The ball should have been kicked outside and it wasn't. They played better than we did on that drive. We had a couple of third down situations and we couldn't get them out. That's how they kept on going.

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