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Presser Points - Belichick: Readying for Jets and a 'great holiday'

New England notes the rarity of getting to Thanksgiving without having already played the division-rival Jets.

The Patriots and Jets have been heated rivals for decades.

Their history includes Border Wars, swapping coaches and personnel poaching.

Recent history has also included six-straight matchups decided by one score or less, including a pair of overtime battles.

In a strange scheduling twist the longtime AFC East rivals have not yet met this season, and will play the two games in the series after Thanksgiving.

But that also gives Bill Belichick a lot to prepare for as they ready to face the Jets (3-7) Sunday afternoon in New York. It may be another disappointing season for Gang Green, but New England's boss made it quite clear he expects a very competitive battle in the teams' first meeting of the year.

That point and Belichick's Thanksgiving well wishes are just a couple of the highlights from the coach's morning press conference with the New England media.

1. "We're ready to battle 60 minutes or longer if we need to": Belichick's opening statement focused not just on the late nature of the first 2016 battle with the Jets, but more importantly with the likelihood that the game could be very much in question in the fourth quarter. Though just a three-win team, New York has won twice in the last month and given New England everything it could handle in recent years regardless of the team's coach or quarterback.

"Well it seems a little unusual to be this late in the season and having not played the Jets yet, so certainly we'll get a good look at them," Belichick began describing the task at hand. "As it's been in so many of our games with them in the last few years, been very competitive, so everything we do this week is going to be very important towards the outcome based on how tight all of those other games have been – the overtime game, one, two, three point games, last possession and so forth.

"We know it'll be tough down there, a hostile environment. [We had] a very competitive game down there last year in overtime. They had a great drive there to start the overtime period, went 80 yards. We're ready to battle 60 minutes or longer if we need to. That needs to be our mindset this week."

2. Revis not to be doubted: The downfall of former Patriots Super Bowl-winning cornerback Darrelle Revis in his return to the Jets has been much chronicled. The veteran has openly talked about his body breaking down. He's not nearly the same player he was in his first tour as an All-Pro in New York, nor even what he was in his only season in New England.

Still, Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots won't assume they'll get an easy day from No. 24 in green and white.

"[He looks] well," Belichick said. "You just go back to our game [last year] – really, he had a big interception against us down there. I would never underestimate that player. He's got good skills, he's a good competitor. I would never underestimate him."

3. "Family, friends, good food and football": Belichick has often voiced his love of Thanksgiving over the years. Clearly it's a holiday that brings together so many of the coach's favorite things. Though he has his hands full preparing for the trip to New York over the weekend, it doesn't sound like that will ruin Thursday for Belichick, which will include, as it does for so many Americans, some time watching the traditional NFL contests.

"We'll watch, especially Detroit this year with Bob [Quinn] out there," Belichick said. "We'll see how he's doing. [Thanksgiving] is a great holiday. It's about family, friends, good food, and football. I mean, how can it get any better than that? It's one of the all-time greats. I hope everyone has a good holiday. We'll see you Friday."

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