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5 points from TB12's twelve minutes with the media

Tom Brady met the media following the final mandatory minicamp practice on Thursday. This will likely be the last time we hear from the 41-year-old quarterback until mid-training camp. Here are the five takeaways from the twelve minutes TB12 spent answering questions. 


1. Brady's Contract

Currently, Tom Brady is on a contract that only signs him through the 2019 season with a $27 million cap hit. On May 21st, the Patriots gave wide receiver Julian Edelman a two year contract extension that reportedly includes an $8 million signing bonus and $12 million guaranteed. Many thought that Brady's contract extension would be next, but so far no news to report on the quarterback's contract. In fact, even Brady himself did not want to discuss his contract situation. When asked if he thinks about his contract, Brady replied, "I don't think about it too much." He then followed up by saying that these things usually work themselves out. To close the book on contract talk, Brady was asked about negotiations to which he joked to a reporter, "That's none of your business." He went on to say that he has never talked about his contract in the past, so why start now. Although the Patriots have not announced a contract extension for the veteran quarterback, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Brady isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

2. Brady clears the air on the 'Tom Terrific' debacle

In case you haven't been plugged in on Brady news this week, on Tuesday reports began to surface that Tom Brady filed trademark applications for the phrase "Tom Terrific." While the younger readers may not understand why Brady applying for this trademark is a big deal, but Mets fans were outraged. The name 'Tom Terrific' originally belonged to pitcher Tom Seaver who played a significant role in the Mets first World Series Championship in 1969. Today Brady stated that he actually doesn't even like the nickname and went on to explain the reasons in which he filed for the trademark in the first place. "I was trying to keep people from using it and then it got spun around to something different than what it was. Good lesson learned and try to do things a little different in the future," Brady said. The quarterback also stated that his trademark file was not something he did out of any disrespect or ill manner.

3. Brady's new weapon: N'Keal Harry

We all saw Brady's Instagram post a few weeks ago of the GOAT privately working out with Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman and Patriots 2019 first round draft pick N'Keal Harry. While the 41-year-old quarterback did not attend OTAs it seems that he still wanted to find a way to get some work in with his new weapon before mandatory minicamp. When reporters asked Brady today about Harry and his transition to New England, the quarterback elaborated on how much of a jump the NFL is for any rookie. "It's really hard to get acclimated to these environments to go from an amateur to being a professional is entirely different," Brady said. "Like all of us who were 21 or 22 at one time, the difference when you're older and have experience, the level of comfort, knowing exactly what the expectations are is very important. It's just a work in progress."

4. Brady is a Jay-Z fan

Attention Brady lovers and Patriots fans, you can continue on with your regular programing. Just in case Tom Brady's most recent Instagram post left you thinking that this is the last season for the 6-time Super Bowl Champion, according to the quarterback himself, you have nothing to worry about. After day one of mandatory minicamp, Brady posted a series of pictures from practice with the caption, "Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first!" The caption was in quotation marks, but still rumors began circulation on the internet about the possibility of the caption having a deeper meaning. "It's a Jay-Z song. I like Jay-Z a lot," Brady said. "I just like the lyric. It was a pretty good lyric. Did you like it?" In case you're still not convinced, Brady said once again today that his goal is still to play until he's 45.

5. Brady gets another ring

Tonight Tom Brady will have the chance to start a collection of Super Bowl rings on his other hand. After earning his 5th ring in 2016, Brady has a ring to wear on each finger of one hand, but tonight a new era begins for Brady's other hand as the 2018 Super Bowl Champions will be honored at Robert Kraft's home with their championship rings. No matter the number of rings he has, for Brady this night will never get old. "It's pretty special to be in this position and to accept a ring and to have that for the rest of your life," Brady said. "That's something you'll pass down to your kids. It means a lot, that 2018 team accomplished a lot. It's a great night to celebrate. You'll have these pictures for the rest of your life. It'll be fun; everybody's looking forward to it."

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