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Presser Points: McDaniels - 'I'll be here moving forward'

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels told reporters on Tuesday that he was staying in New England.


After another foray into the head coach vacancy market, it appears that Josh McDaniels will be returning to the Patriots yet again.

McDaniels interviewed for the job in Green Bay last week but reportedly that opening will be filled by Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur. The Patriots offensive coordinator was asked if he anticipated any additional interviews, and his answer was pretty definitive.

"The book is closed," he said. "It's always a humbling experience to have an opportunity to interview with anybody for that position and I was thankful for the opportunity to meet with Green Bay. It always gives you greater insight into another organization and how they do things. It's been very educational for me every time I've gone through it and I've appreciated every single one of them.

"That was great but no, I'm completely focused on the Chargers and our season and finishing it strong and I'll be here moving forward."

Earlier he was asked if he had spoken with the Cleveland Browns, who also are looking for a head coach.

"No sir, I have had no contact with them."

So, it looks like McDaniels will be staying put once again, which is great news for the Patriots both in the short term as they prepare for the Chargers and moving forward, as the team will not be needing a new offensive coordinator.

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