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Quick Kicks: Dolphins Week schedule

Erik Scalavino offers a preview for PFW's coverage for Dolphins week.

Some of us are taking Labor Day quite literally here in Foxborough. The unofficial end of summer is here, just as the official beginning of the NFL work week arrives. We have access to Bill Belichick, the Patriots players, and a few minutes of practice today, starting around 10:45 will BB's daily press briefing.

Among other items today, we'll find out for certain who is on New England's practice squad to start the 2011 regular season. Something tells me the Patriots aren't done making moves this week, however, either there or on the 53-man active roster.

With New England opening one week from tonight in Miami against the Dolphins, today, then, is like a regular season Wednesday schedule; tomorrow, the traditional NFL day off for players, but we'll fill the void for you with a brand new edition of Ask PFW on; Wednesday through Friday look to be like typical regular season work days as well. PFW will have it all covered for you, here on the blog and if you follow us on Twitter. Expect a brief practice report somewhere around 1:30 via Twitter, then a lengthier report here on the blog shortly thereafter. A synopsis of today's locker room interviews and news will appear on later this afternoon.

Dolphins Week is here. But before the season kicks off for real, enjoy the last long weekend of the summer.

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