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Reaction to agreement from around the league

(March 8, 2006) -- Read on for league reaction to the NFL's new labor agreement.

NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw:
On behalf of the players, the NFLPA staff and the negotiating team, we are pleased that this process has finally concluded with an agreement. This agreement is not about one side winning or losing. Ultimately, it is about what is best for the players, the owners and the fans of the National Football League. As caretakers of the game we have acted in the manner the Founders intended. While they could not possibly have predicted the economic growth and revenue streams, they clearly saw the structure. Wellington Mara would be both proud and pleased today.

I want to personally thank the commissioner, Paul Tagliabue for his outstanding leadership, vision and integrity. This agreement would not have been possible without him. His team of Roger Goodell and Harold Henderson were also important.

Additional thanks go to my old boss, Al Davis, for being the first to rise, as he did in 1993, in support of Paul and an agreement. And to Dan Rooney and Jerry Richardson, who just would not give up. Finally, thank you to our players, led by President Troy Vincent and his Board of Player Reps, for their unconditional support and encouragement. They are the real heroes.

Moving forward, this new agreement gives us the opportunity to continue our unprecedented success and growth.

Buccaneers general manager Bruce Allen:We have been confident that a deal would get done and we can now begin building on last year's success under the terms of this extension. The NFL has been the premier sports league in North America for decades, and this new deal should allow us to continue with our unprecedented growth. As for the Buccaneers, we were well positioned to move forward under either scenario, and we are looking forward to using the new CBA parameters to improve our team.

Packers president Bob Harlan:We're delighted with the new CBA and that a salary-cap system was preserved. Continuation of the salary cap was our number-one goal because without it the long-term viability of the Packers would be in doubt.

This has been a very difficult two days of meetings for me, John Jones (Packers E.V.P. and COO) and John Underwood (former Packers treasurer and NFL revenue-sharing committee member). But the resulting new labor deal protects the future of the Green Bay Packers. Dramatic revenue-sharing will enable all clubs to be competitive in this new system. We supported revenue sharing and are very happy to see it continued.

We have always felt that the National Football League had the best system in professional sports and fortunately we have been able to maintain that system, which creates 32 competitive teams.

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