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Rob Gronkowski Post-Practice Interview Transcript 6/13

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski addresses the media following an organized team activity at Gillette Stadium on Monday, June 13, 2016.

Q: How did it feel to be back out there?

RG: It felt great. It's always good to be out there with your teammates, working with your teammates in individual drills, team drills, just being out there, getting on the same page, just getting into flow with them. It's always good to get back out on the field.

Q: How are you feeling after not practicing last week?

RG: I was just doing other things, as Coach [Bill Belichick] said last week, so everything's good. We were just working on other things so everything's all smooth, everything's good.

Q: What's it like to be out there with Martellus Bennett?

RG: It's great. it's great to be out there with him. He's another guy that brings a lot of football knowledge to the game in the meeting rooms. I think he's going on his ninth year so he has so much experience. He's been with a few teams, with a few coaches, and has played all around, so it's great to get so much knowledge from him and from the coaches. Going out on the field, he's a hard worker. He puts some dedication in so it's great to be with him out there.

Q: What's the biggest goal for you at this time of the year?

RG: Just try to be in the best physical condition and shape I can be strength-wise heading into camp. You want to be in shape going into camp and be ready to go. Just working out, get your body right so when camp comes, you're football ready and you're ready to roll.

Q: How was your offseason, it seemed pretty slow?

RG: Yeah, it's always slow. It's slow to me, maybe fast compared to you.

Q: What is the biggest value to you during OTAs?

RG: The biggest value is consistency, going out there and making sure you're still on the same page. You don't want to lose it, you want to keep on getting gains, you want to improve. You go out there and make sure you knock all the rust out, we're always on the same page and just don't lose it. Just keep going out, keep working hard and keep getting better.

Q: Is this time of year any different than it has been in years past during OTAs?

RG: No, it's OTAs. It feels the same every time now, every year. You just go out there, keep your football legs under you, which is great; running routes, stay in football shape. What's cool about it is that it brings the competitiveness out of you. You just can't go out there in your backyard or out on the field just throwing with the quarterbacks, going versus someone or having someone across from you gets you back in that right feeling like it's a game.

Q: How has Tom Brady looked over the course of the spring?

RG: He looks pretty good. No, he look's great. He looks the same every day that I've been here. He's always coming out with a competitive edge, his arm always looks strong. His football knowledge, you don't have to talk about it, it's second to none. He looks very sharp.

Q: What do you think of Jimmy Garoppolo's play so far?

RG: He's doing great, definitely. You can see a huge development over the last two years in the way he handles the offense now. He's doing a great job going out there, listening to coaches and just working together with the whole team.

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