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Rob Gronkowski Press Conference Transcript 11/10

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, November 10, 2016.

Q: How was it out there today?

RG: It was good. The weather is nice. It's sunny out, in the 50s, so it was a good day. Just like any other week, we've got to work hard and focus on our opponent and get ready.

Q: How challenging is the secondary in the Seahawks defense?

RG: It's a very big challenge. They've got a lot of great players on defense. They know how to play the game of football super well. They're physically and mentally tough and they bring it. They can hit hard, they can play hard, they can cover, so we've got to be prepared. 

Q: Is Martellus Bennett jealous that you got a music video before he did?

RG: The Madden one? You saw that? Yeah, that was pretty cool. Madden did a great job, [it was a] great concept they did. I definitely enjoyed shooting that music video and thought it came out super well, so pick me on your Madden team. That's the main focus of it. 

Q: Was that your real singing voice in the video?

RG: Yeah it is. It's kind of average. I wish I could sing. I'd be in that career then. 

Q: Do you think it's going to take time for you guys to get the offense going coming off the bye week?

RG: It's just like any other week. We go out to practice and we want to work hard. We want the chemistry to be there. We all want to be in sync together, so I would say there's really no difference from a bye week to a normal week. We've got to prepare the same every single week to the max.  

Q: What is your respect level like for Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham?

RG: I have a super high level of respect for Jimmy Graham, especially with what happened to him last year and the way he came back and bounced back. I've been through it a little bit too just like him with an injury and the way he bounced back, you've got to give him a high praise. It's not easy to come back from that, so it's always good to see another fellow tight end be doing super well and come back from an injury like that. 

Q: Did you see any of the one-handed catches Jimmy Graham had Monday night against Buffalo?

RG: Yes, not surprised at all. You've been seeing him make those plays all year for the last five or six years. 

Q: The last time you played the Seahawks, it seemed like you were matched up with different guys at various points.

RG: Oh yeah, you've got to be ready for anything. All their man coverage, they can all cover, every single one of their players, they're not scared. They'll have anyone on anyone at any time and at any point of the field, so got to be prepared, got to be able to ready versus a corner, versus a safety, or versus one of their linebackers. They're all good and they can all cover, so got to be ready for any of them. 

Q: With so few injuries so far this year, is that something you guys have worked on or has that been the luck of the draw?

RG: I don't even want to talk about it.   

Q: How important is it to try to have patience when going against this defense as they do a great job of taking away deeper completions?

RG: It all depends on the play. There are sometimes you've got to be quick and alert, there are other times you've got to be patient, and it varies by every single week, and it varies by every single play. On the plays that you have to be patient, you've got to be mentally tough and be able to have that patience. On plays you've got to be alert and quick, you've got to be mentally and physically ready to get up back to the line and go quick. It all varies on the play. It all varies on how we're rolling and you've just got to be ready for whatever it is.  

Q: Do you see it as a frustration sometimes to opposing rushers that Tom Brady gets the ball out so fast that they can't get there?

RG: I would say if I was a rusher and the quarterback would just toss it, I would definitely get frustrated, especially if you're making moves and getting open, or getting around the offensive guy, as a [defensive] end I would be like, 'Dang, just hold the ball for another second.' So it's good. It's good to see the ball get out. 

Q: Given the fact that you haven't seen them since, what bearing does Super Bowl XLIX have on this game?

RG: The bearing of Super Bowl XLIX has nothing to do with this game. That was a couple of years ago and now it's a whole new season, a whole new week. There are a lot of the same players still on each side of the ball, but it's still a different team. You can definitely take some of that game and carry it over and learn, see what they do. They still do a lot of stuff the same from the Super Bowl game to this game, but it's all about a new week, it's all about preparing, focusing this week and coming out on Sunday night. 

Q: The Seahawks have two pretty talented linebackers. What makes them unique?

RG: They are definitely a talented group of linebackers, and what makes them unique is that they're on the field 24/7. They can play all the downs and they've got really no weaknesses. You just can't really attack them. They can rush the passer, they can cover, they can tackle, so you've just got to be prepared and on top of your game at all times when facing them.  

Q: Is it their speed or their size that makes them effective in coverage?

RG: I would say it's their size at linebacker and then their speed, too. They've got some length too and they're not scared to be physical. They're super talented and I've got to bring my A-game. You've got to bring your A-game in order to get open against them or else they're just going to cover you and be right on you, so you've got to be prepared against them. They are, I would say, if not the top linebackers coverage-wise, they're up there. 

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