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Samsonite Make Your Case: Memorable Moments

In a Super Bowl-winning season there are numerous memorable plays to discuss. Which one - other than Malcolm Butler title-clinching pick - was the best?

The Patriots, like the rest of us, are in the midst of vacation as they prepare for training camp and we ready for the Fourth of July weekend. Given the laid-back nature of the day, and the fact that no real football news is readily available, we decided to go light with this week's Samsonite Make Your Case.

A listener chimed in during our most recent edition of "PFW in Progress" on Thursday and asked us which play, other than Malcolm Butler's Super Bowl-winning interception, was the most memorable of the season. There are many to choose from, which is not surprising since 2014 did indeed end with a Super Bowl championship for the Patriots.

There was Rob Gronkowski's ridiculous one-handed grab near the goal line against Denver, Julian Edelman's touchdown pass to Danny Amendola in the playoff win over Baltimore, Nate Solder rumbling in for a touchdown in the AFC title win over Indy, not to mention of multitude of blocked kicks that helped win games on special teams all season.

So rather than engage in a debate this week, we instead will allow the fans to choose their most memorable play of the season. Here are your choices and feel free to include a comment to add one to our list:


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