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Sean Morey: European Correspondant

In Week Six of the NFL Europe season, New England wide receiver Sean Morey had four catches for 57 yards. In this week’s edition of "European Correspondent" Morey talks about Barcelona’s two-game winning streak, making up for mistakes and the chance to visit with family members.

Question: Good game again this weekend. The team was able to get [its record] back to .500. Is the team really starting to come together?

Morey: Yeah, I think so. Guys are pretty excited and we're back on track. We've got two wins in a row, and this week coming up we have a game against Scotland that is very important. Basically our fate is in our own hands right now. If we can go out there and beat Scotland at their place, then we come back and we've got Berlin again. Then we play Scotland for the second time, and finally we finish up with a game against Frankfurt.

Question: You guys finally got a win at home, and it looked like you controlled the game from the start…

Morey: I think guys are pretty excited. We're on a roll and we've got everything pointing in the right direction. We're on the path, and we really needed to get this win to control our own destiny and to get back to .500. It's very important for us to be able to control our destiny down the stretch. If we can win the rest of our games, we're going to get a shot at going to the World Bowl. That's going to be exciting.

Question: I was talking with Marc Megna earlier today, and he said you guys had five games left on the schedule, and he was definitely including the World Bowl as part of your remaining schedule. Is that the prevailing attitude from everyone on the team?

Morey: That's definitely the prevailing attitude. The guys are excited because I think we're really starting to play as a team. We've gelled now, and people are excited about getting out there and playing well together. As a team we've come together, and there's a lot more energy on the field. We're just playing really well, everybody is sharp and in practices guys are working really hard. We have a really good shot at finishing up the season with four wins.

Question: At one point in the game, you were called for a false start penalty, and on the very next play, [quarterback Tony] Graziani went right back to you. I believe you came up about half a yard short of the first down. In instances like that, do you know that the next play is going to come to you as a way of giving you a chance to make up for the penalty?

Morey: That's an interesting question. I don't think people really think about that. Tony's got a job to do, and he's going to read the coverages. [The penalty] was a mistake that I made. Jumping offside is something that is totally inexcusable. That's something that hasn't happened all year. You let it go. Things that happen during the course of the game make football a comedy of errors. Coach [Sam] Rutigliano says that all the time. And it really is. There are so many mistakes on some plays, but things like that, like offside; there's just no room for that. As far as whether he thought about coming to me on the next play, I'm not sure. I got open and just tried to make a play and get the first down. That's just the way the game goes. I don't think it's really planned like that.

Question: Barcelona got a big performance out of Eddie Conti. He's been doing a solid job in the return game, but this past week he came up with six receptions. It seems like in the past few weeks, as the team keeps improving, one guy steps up and makes the defense worry about yet another aspect of your offense. Is this more of a result of everyone getting more comfortable and gaining confidence?

Morey: I think that's true. Over the course of the season guys get to play well with each other, and everyone kind of falls into the role they are playing, whether it be on the outside, inside or wherever. People get comfortable with the routes they are running and are working together. We understand exactly what the scheme is and what we're trying to accomplish on each play. The better understanding everyone has of that, the more we're able to be in the right spots at the right time. That's just repetition and experience with the offensive scheme and the routes that we run. Guys like Eddie Conti, they are playmakers. Eddie's been making plays all year in practice, but he hasn't been getting a lot of opportunities. When he gets in there he makes plays; he's just a play-making type of kid. He's a real fast kid, he runs real sharp routes and he's got good hands. Down the stretch we're going to need everyone to produce, and I think everybody's really confident and playing well. I think we're going to give Scotland a run for their money this week and hopefully we can get a win.

Question: At the beginning of the season, you said that you would be keeping in touch with the New England Patriots periodically throughout the season. Have you had much contact as the weeks go by with Coach [Ivan] Fears] or Coach [Bill] Belichick] as far as how things are going with the team over here in New England? Is that something you've been doing on a regular basis?

Morey: That's something that hasn't happened as much as it should. I haven't been able to get in touch with either coach, but I know that they're reviewing the tapes and evaluating everything I do over here. I'll probably give them a call this week just to check up on recommendations or suggestions that Coach Fears has pertaining to my routes and things of that nature. I'm going to touch base with them, probably this week. I'm sure he's got a lot of coaching points to let me know.

Question: We talk about this each week, but it seems like yourself, Marc Megna and Garrett Johnson, each of you each week are making the most of your opportunities over there. Marc led the team in tackles this past weekend, and Garrett came through with another couple of sacks. It's got to be a nice momentum builder for each of you personally as you head straight into training camp. Do you feel like you're going to hit the ground running in a sense?

Morey: Actually, I'm pretty excited about getting right into football as soon as we leave here. I'll have just enough time to recover from some bumps and bruises. I'll be able to get sharp by running with [Patriots speed coach] Mike Morris a little bit. I'm excited about getting back, learning the offense and being able to contribute in New England. But right now, guys here are playing and producing. Of course our goal is to improve and get better in all facets of our game so we can go back and help our teams win games next year, but we're also right in the thick of the hunt right now. We're in it to try and win this thing, get it done and try to go to the World Bowl and have this experience. The kind of people that play this game, especially my friends Garrett [Johnson] and Marc Megna, I know that the reason we're all playing so well is that the bottom line is we are basically trying to win games. If we can continue to do that and work towards that goal, everything else will fall right in line.

Question: We weren't able to talk Monday because you had family over to visit you?

Morey: My mom, my father and my twin sister came over. My sister had a couple of her friends down who were traveling in Europe already. They cam just for a few days. My aunt and my cousin Dave also came.

Question: It must have been nice to see some of the home folks on the other side of the world.

Morey: Yeah. They enjoyed it. My mother was kind of bummed out. She really wanted to go out and lay on the beach and relax. The day they got here, Friday, it was raining. It rained for two days straight, and the third day it was cloudy. It cleared up a little bit Monday, so they had a chance to see some sunlight. Marc [Megna's] uncle and aunt also came over here, and they didn't get a chance to see the sun either, so we were kind of discouraged about that. At least my family got a chance to see some sunlight. They also got a chance to see a church in Barcelona, and it was just an incredible sight. It's a godly structure. It's just huge, and it's still under construction. It won't be done for several years. There were a lot of other nice sights they saw. They had a good time and they enjoyed themselves.

Question: Was that something the team set up, or did you both happen to set up the visit with your families at the same time?

Morey: It was a thing my family set up. They decided to come over on a specific week when my mom could get off of work. My sister also had some time off, so everyone could come out. It was also a good time of the year because we had a home game, and we tried for later in the summer so they would hopefully have good weather. It was a thing my family planned, and it was just a coincidence that a lot of people had their relatives up on the same weekend.

Question: That's a pretty nice coincidence.

Morey: Yeah, it was.

Question: This weekend against Scotland, you guys have a Patriot teammate, Noel Scarlett, on their defensive line. I don't know how close you guys were during the season with New England, but do you keep tabs on him even though he's with Scotland?

Morey: I wouldn't say we really keep tabs, but I do know Noel pretty well. We had a chance to meet each other out in Detroit when I flew to Detroit to meet the coaches before the draft. Noel was up that weekend, so I got a chance to hang out with him that weekend. He's a super kid, a nice guy. I understand he's playing really well out there. Scotland's defensive line is one of the stronger points of their defense, as well as their secondary. I know Noel's playing pretty well. I also know Kevin Daft, who is a quarterback for Scotland. I played with him in the Hula Bowl about a year ago. I think it's going to be an exciting game. I think defensively they are probably one of the toughest teams that we'll face this year. We've got a good challenge ahead of us, but our offense is starting to click and I think it's going to be a battle.

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