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Sean Morey Phone Conference

New England wide receiver Sean Morey is playing in NFL Europe for the Barcelona Dragons. He will do a weekly diary with’s Shane Donaldson.

New England wide receiver Sean Morey is playing in NFL Europe for the Barcelona Dragons. He will do a weekly diary with's Shane Donaldson. Watch for Morey's comments on life in NFL Europe with the Dragons.

After missing three weeks of action, including the Dragons season opener, because of an ankle sprain, Morey made his debut in a 28-21 loss to Berlin on Monday, April 24. Morey's first game included 10 catches for 107 yards and a touchdown.

Question: You had a good game. How did it feel to get back on the field? It's been since Brown [University] since you've been on the field in the wide receiver role.

Morey: It's been a long learning process. Everything I've learned under [Patriots wide receivers] Coach [Ivan] Fears and some of the veterans, this is the first opportunity I've had to go out there and produce and use it and benefit my game. All of that stuff helped, and it just felt great. It's been a long time, and it's just a good feeling to get out there and catch some passes.

Question: You've got two different quarterbacks [Tony Graziani and Cory Sauter] getting a lot of playing time, but it looks like both of them are comfortable getting you the ball. Do you feel like after one game you're already in a rhythm with them?

Morey: This past week was the first time I've practiced in about three weeks. The first day, we were kind of off cue a little bit. We sat down, watched film together and got on the same page, and then everything was sharp. We still need to sharpen a couple things a bit, like the route running, just so we're on the same page. They're good friends of mine, so we have a pretty good rapport friendship wise. It's easy for us to sit down and watch the film. It helps us communicate together and it shows what they're looking for and what I'm thinking at the same time. That's really what is the most important thing. We still have a lot of work to do because the routes we run from the inside rely a lot on timing and what the quarterback sees. We have to sharpen that kind of stuff and try to improve.

Question: At the start of the fourth quarter you were tackled out of bounds, and it looked like the ankle was a little sore. How is the ankle doing right now?

Morey: It feels fine. I think it will be fine. Depending on what the trainers want to do, I expect to practice tomorrow and get back working. With this type of injury, I've talked with [Patriots trainer] Ron O'Neil, and he knows my situation. I've also consulted with the trainers here, and I'm going to make sure that I keep myself healthy and I do all the things I need to make sure I get all the treatments. I really don't feel like it's going to slow me down at all with either practice or games. Ron O'Neil said I'll feel pain now and then if I tweak it, but I'll be able to shake it off and it's not going to set me back. He said it's par for the course as far as high ankle sprains.

Question: So playing is not going to hurt it any more?

Morey: I don't think so. After I came off the sideline and got it re-taped, I walked it off a bit and I was back in a few plays later. Ultimately the pain went away, and I just kind of shook it off. I don't think it's going to be detrimental. I think it's going to heal within the next three weeks. There will probably be a couple of occasions when I experience a little bit of pain, but I don't think I have anything to worry about.

Question: Barcelona runs a three-wideout offense. Has that helped your development, knowing that you are going to see the ball several times?

Morey: I'm it is helping. The more chances I have to be on the field, run routes, make catches and make plays, I'm going to ultimately develop more. Just the entire experience of being here is a big learning experience. I'm getting to know the quarterbacks, the timing, the rhythm and routes. I'm learning from some of the best coaches in the business right now. [Head Coach] Jack Bicknell and [Offensive Assistant] Sam Rutigliano. Coach Rutigliano coached in the NFL for a number of years and was Coach of the Year for the Cleveland Browns. So I'm learning from good coaches, and overall I think I'll develop here regardless of whether we're in a three-receiver set or not. All of the receivers get reps because we rotate.

Question: It looks like you and [wide receiver] Jeremaine Copeland are forming a pretty deadly combination outisde…

Morey: Jeremaine is a real tough kid. He works his butt off in practice and is a great kid. He definitely loves to play. We have a great time out there. If we both keep working hard and having fun, I think this year is going to prove pretty beneficial for both of us. There are other receivers in the group right now that are all talented, and I think when they get their chance, they're all going to produce too.

Question: Have you been in touch with Coach Fears or Coach Bill Belichick since you've been over there?

Morey: I have been in touch with them, and I will be throughout the entire summer.

Question: After the NFL Europe season, how much time do you have before training camp starts up?

Morey: I'm not sure. If we play in the World Bowl, which is the championship game, it would be on June 25th. Hopefully we'll get a chance to take a shot at that. I'll be back by early July. I believe camp starts on July 12th, so I'll have a couple of weeks to acclimate myself with the [Patriots] offense.

Question: Did you happen to watch the NFL Draft?

Morey: Actually I didn't even find out who we drafted until a couple days ago. I didn't really pay attention to it too much out here.

Question: They didn't draft any wide receivers in what was a pretty deep pool in the draft. Does that give you a vote of confidence at all?

Morey: I'm not going to stand here and say that I've figured out this business. It's crazy the way players are kept and moved around. I'm not really going to take anything for granted is what I'm saying. I've got a job to do, and I'm trying to prepare myself as best as possible out here. My goal is to improve everyday so I can fit into a role once I get into camp with the Patriots. But I expect more out of myself than they do, I'm sure. I'm doing my best to prepare myself and doing the same thing I've done since I started playing this game. Hopefully that will be enough.

Question: You have a couple of Patriot teammate over there with you in Marc Megna and Garrett Johnson. Does it help the adjustment to NFL Europe to have some guys you're already familiar with?

Morey: I think so. These guys are quality players They're working hard and helping the team. They're all friends of mine too. I had been at passing camp for a few days before the rest of the players showed up in Orlando, so I got to know the quarterbacks, receivers and tight ends. This team is a close group of guys. I think an experience like this, being away from the States for three months with a team, is good. We hang out together, we eat together, so I think it helps the players who come out here. It's become a close knit group.

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