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Series History: Patriots - Bills

This week's game will be the 81st encounter between the two AFC East rivals, dating back to the inception of the AFL in 1960. This will be the first meeting of the season between these two teams and the sixth division game the Patriots have played this season.

This week's game will be the 81st encounter between the two AFC East rivals, dating back to the inception of the AFL in 1960. This will be the first meeting of the season between these two teams and the sixth division game the Patriots have played this season. The Bills currently have a two-game winning streak against the Patriots, their first multiple game streak since they had won five consecutive games from 1992-94. The results of the series are listed below:


1960Buffalo 13, at NE 0-13
at Buffalo 38, NE 14-24
1961NE 23, at Buffalo 212
at NE 52, Buffalo 2131
1962at Buffalo 28, NE 28tie
at NE 21, Buffalo 1011
1963at Buffalo 28, NE 21-7
at NE 17, Buffalo 710
1964NE 36, at Buffalo 288
Buffalo 24, at NE 14-10
1965at Buffalo 24, NE 7-17
Buffalo 23, at NE 7-16
1966NE 20, at Buffalo 1010
at NE 14, Buffalo 311
1967NE 23, at Buffalo 023
Buffalo 44, at NE 16-28
1968NE 16, at Buffalo 79
at NE 23, Buffalo 617
1969at Buffalo 23, NE 16-7
at NE 35, Buffalo 2114
1970Buffalo 45, at NE 10-35
NE 14, at Buffalo 104
1971at NE 38, Buffalo 335
at Buffalo 27, NE 20-7
1972at Buffalo 38, NE 14-24
Buffalo 27, at NE 24-3
1973Buffalo 31, at NE 13-18
at Buffalo 37, NE 13-24
1974at Buffalo 30, NE 28-2
Buffalo 29, at NE 28-1
1975at Buffalo 45, NE 31-14
Buffalo 34, at NE 14-20
1976NE 26, at Buffalo 224
at NE 20, Buffalo 1010
1977Buffalo 24, at NE 14-10
NE 20, at Buffalo 713
1978NE 14, at Buffalo 104
at NE 26, Buffalo 242
1979NE 26, at Buffalo 620
Buffalo 16, at NE 13(OT)-3
1980at Buffalo 31, NE 13-18
at NE 24, Buffalo 222
1981at Buffalo, 20, NE 17-3
Buffalo 19, at NE 10-9
1982at NE 30, Buffalo 1911
1983NE 31, at Buffalo 031
at NE 21, Buffalo 714
1984NE 21, at Buffalo 174
at NE 38, Buffalo 1028
1985NE 17, at Buffalo 143
at NE 14, Buffalo 311
1986NE 23, at Buffalo 320
at NE 22, Buffalo 193
1987at NE 14, Buffalo 77
NE 13, at Buffalo 76
1988Buffalo 16, at NE 14-2
at Buffalo 23, NE 20-3
1989at Buffalo 31, NE 10-21
at NE 33, Buffalo 249
1990Buffalo 27, at NE 10-17
at Buffalo 14, NE 0-14
1991at Buffalo 22, NE 17-5
at NE 16, Buffalo 133
1992Buffalo 41, at NE 7-34
at Buffalo 16, NE 7-9
1993at Buffalo 38, NE 14-24
Buffalo 13, at NE 10 (OT)-3
1994Buffalo 38, at NE 35-3
NE 41, at Buffalo 1724
1995at NE 27, Buffalo 1413
NE 35, at Buffalo 2510
1996at Buffalo 17, NE 10-7
at NE 28, Buffalo 253
1997at NE 33, Buffalo 627
NE 31, at Buffalo 1021
1998at Buffalo 13, NE 10-3
at NE 25, Buffalo 214
1999at Buffalo 17, NE 7-10
Buffalo 13, at NE 10 (OT)-3
1963*NE 26, at Buffalo 818


The Patriots have won four of the last five game in the series at Foxboro Stadium … Three of the last four games in the Patriots-Bills series have been decided by four points or less … The Patriots have 41 victories over the Bills, their highest total against any team … This weekend's game will be the first time the Patriots have played a Bruce Smith-less Buffalo Bills team since Nov. 11, 1984 – a span of 30 games … Bledsoe has thrown 22 touchdowns compared to only nine interceptions in 14 career games against the Bills.


There have been numerous outstanding individual performances in the series between the Patriots and the Bills. Below is a list of the top individual efforts based on yards gained:

**Rushing Yards**
Patriots:Jim Nance 34-185-1 td (9/24/67)
Bills:O.J. Simpson 29-250-2 tds (9/16/73)
**Passing Yards**
Patriots:Drew Bledsoe 42-36-2-380-3 tds-2 ints (9/11/94)
Bills:Jim Kelly 41-21-356-1 td-2 ints (11/19/89)
**Receiving Yards**
Patriots:Stanley Morgan 5-158-2 tds (11/4/79)
Bills:Andre Reed 9-168-1 td (9/27/92)


The New England Patriots lost 13-10 to the Buffalo Bills at Foxboro Stadium on Dec. 26, 1999. Bills' kicker Steve Christie converted a 23-yard field goal with 1:51 remaining in overtime to give the Bills the victory.

New England's kicker, Adam Vinatieri missed two opportunities to win the game when a 33-yard field goal was wide right at the end of regulation and a 44-yard attempt fell short in overtime. Vinatieri had made 14 consecutive kicks before missing three of four attempts versus the Bills.

The Patriots rushed 34 times for 158 yards (4.6 average) against the Bills, who were only allowing 83.4 yards (third in the NFL) entering the game. It was the second highest total against them last season. Patriots running back Terry Allen led the charge with 126 yards rushing on 27 carries (4.7 avg.) and one touchdown. It was the highest individual rushing total against the Bills last season.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Patriots Chad Eaton recovered a Bills fumble and returned it 30-yards to the Bills 14-yardline. On the very next play, Allen scored from 14 yards out and the Patriots captured the lead, 10-3. Unfortunately, Buffalo tied the score midway through the fourth quarter on a 1-yard touchdown run.

The Patriots won the overtime coin toss and drove down into field goal position. Unfortunately Vinatieri missed another field goal, a 44-yard attempt, that could have won the game. Buffalo would later drive 52 yards on 10 plays and Christie ended the game with his 23-yard field goal.

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