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Shark named after Julian Edelman for his 'squirrelly behavior'

The Super Bowl LIII MVP is still being celebrated in New England. 

The unofficial Julian Edelman count is now up to three. We, of course, already know Julian Edelman the Human. In April, Patriots fans were introduced to Julian the Seal, and now, there is an animal of prey added to that list.

Last week, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in Chatham, Mass., tweeted a picture of Jules, a shark named in honor of the Super Bowl LIII MVP.

"Meet Jules! Originally tagged in 2011 and unamed [sic] until now, he's one of our most reliable sharks -- returning every year since," the conservancy tweeted. "Like @Edelman11, he dropped his coverage and his squirrelly behavior made it hard to get a new tag in him. Hard work pays off, and he was retagged Tuesday."

Jules even pulls some of the same moves as Julian the Human. He has apparently been able to skillfully dodge being retagged, like a wide receiver evading tackles.

Though he has returned to the area every year since 2011, we hope Patriots fans don't have any run-ins with this particular Jules. If there is an MVP of the ocean, though, it just might be Jules. Of course, we're biased.

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