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Seal named after Julian Edelman released into wild

Julian Edelman was released into the wild this week, but not the Jules you're thinking. 

Move over, Julian. There's a new Edelman in the New England spotlight.

Okay, so this new Edelman isn't a football player. In fact, it's not even human. It has flippers, whiskers and okay it's a seal.

After being rehabilitated at Mystic Aquarium, Edelman the Seal was released back into the wild on April 2. The football field was swapped for a Rhode Island beach, and Edelman the Seal made its great escape.

Not unlike Human Julian, the seal drew a crowd of people, cheering it on as it made its way towards the ocean. Though Julian wasn't in attendance for the release, he tweeted his support for the creature and its new chapter.

Oddly enough, Julian isn't the first Patriot to have a seal named in his honor. After Super Bowl LI, now former Patriot Trey Flowers was on hand to release Trey the Seal into the wild. It was incredible.

One can only hope that Edelman the Seal and Trey the Seal are swimming through the ocean together.

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