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Should Patriots QB Tom Brady attend Super Bowl 50 ceremonies?

Former Super Bowl MVP was invited to take part in golden anniversary celebration.

Much of the political chatter in the nation this Thursday morning revolves around the decision by controversial pace-setting presidential candidate Donald Trump to skip the latest Republican debate staged by Fox News due to a feud with one of the network's hosts, Megyn Kelly.

But in Patriots Nation these days the biggest question in the aftermath of last Sunday's AFC Championship Game loss in Denver is whether Trump's friend, New England quarterback Tom Brady, will attend Super Bowl 50 a week from Sunday.

As part of the celebration leading up to and through Super Bowl 50, the NFL has invited all 43 prior Super Bowl MVPs – an award Brady earned for Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII and XLIX – to San Francisco for a week of honors and celebration.

When Brady first received the official invitation last spring, he seemed open to the idea although he certainly would have preferred to have been at Levi's Stadium playing in the game, as he alluded to in a Facebook post at that time.

But asked about even watching the game in his postgame press conference after the abrupt end of the season at the hands of the Broncos, Brady didn't sound as ready to return to his home area for the biggest game in sports.

Asked what he'd do on Super Bowl Sunday and whether he'd watch the Broncos take on the Panthers Brady said, "I'm not sure."

Of course since he received the initial invitation last spring, Brady has been embroiled in major battle with the NFL over the Deflategate scandal. Like Trump's feud with Kelly, Brady has his own clear issues with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the severe, unprecedented punishment he tried to hand down to Brady and the Patriots that included a four-game suspension. That suspension was shot down in a court appeal, and the issue remains in the courts today.

Trump seems to be holding strong in his feud.

Will his buddy Brady do the same? In a week or so we'll find out of No. 12 is in San Francisco for No. 50.


What do you think Brady should do? Let us know with a comment below!

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