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Sports World Reflects On Bill Belichick's Historic 24 Years As Patriots Head Coach

Rounding up all the social media reactions from around the internet as Bill Belichick and the Patriots agree to go their separate ways.

Tom tweet PDC

The Patriots and Bill Belichick announced a mutual parting of ways on Thursday and the news took the sports world by storm as outlets and social media platforms were instantly transformed into a full day of coverage of the press conferences that marked the end of a historic era in New England. The commentary extended prominently to many of Belichick's most notable players during his time in New England, while even sports stars across the spectrum and other local professional teams weighed in with their thoughts on the greatest coach of all time.

Most notably came an extended Instagram post from Tom Brady, who highlighted how important coach Belichick was to his development and success.

Brady's favorite target Rob Gronkowski also took time to shout out his former coach.

Another all-time great, the NBA's Lebron James, also fired off a tweet with respect to Belichick.

Current Patriots quarterback Mac Jones also expressed his thanks to coach Belichick.

Former Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, who developed from a college quarterback drafted in the seventh round to a Super Bowl MVP receiver, contributed a highlight film of some of his favorite moments with the only head coach that he ever played for.

Calvin Anderson was a free agent signed by the team last year and battled injuries for most of 2023, yet still expressed how much his coach did for him even in that short period of time.

Three-time champ Patrick Chung was a 2009 Patriots draft pick who went to Philadelphia for a year before returning to New England to win multiple titles, giving him a unique appreciation for the kind of coach that Belichick was for him.

Hall of Famer Richard Seymour was one of Belichick's highest draft picks of his 24-year tenure and one of the absolute best. Belichick referred to Seymour as being the first of many Patriots who will end up in Canton during his press conference.

Current players Davon Godchaux and Mack Wilson also weighed in making heavy use of the "GOAT" emoji.

A pair of former Patriots running backs who helped the Patriots to a multiple titles also made their feelings about their head coach known.

Quarterback Matt Cassel had one of the more interesting experiences under Belichick, subbing in for Tom Brady during the 2008 season as starter and leading the team to an 11-5 record. Cassel contributed a full video recording of what coach Belichick meant to him.

Jonas Gray only had a brief time to shine in New England, but still felt a major impression left by his time under the head coach.

Charlie Weis served as Belichick's offensive coordinator for the team's first three Super Bowls, but it was Belichick's off-the-field presence that Weis chose to highlight as the most impactful for him.

Jamie Collins had a few different stints with New England under coach Belichick in a defense that always seemed to make the best use of his unique talents. Collins was another to refer to the coach as the "Goat."

Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand also offered his thoughts on the "legendary" coach.

And of course, a local team from Belichick's second-favorite sport had to weigh in as well...

Dunkin Donuts made the most of Belichick's infamous hoodie, including it in their own social post.

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