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Thoughts and reflections on Lamar Hunt

NFL executives and players offer their thoughts and reflections on Lamar Hunt.

Roger Goodell: NFL commissionerLamar Hunt was one of the greatest leaders and innovators in the history of sports. His vision transformed pro football and helped turn a regional sport into a national passion. Lamar created a model franchise in the Kansas City Chiefs, but he was always equally devoted to the best interests of the league and the game, from the AFL-NFL merger to the two-point conversion. His legacy is unmatched in sports and the NFL -- a pioneer, a founding father, and one of the most important architects in the history of our game. We extend our deepest sympathy to Norma and the entire Hunt family.

Paul Tagliabue: Former NFL commissioner
Lamar Hunt was a founding father of modern professional sports and a tremendous sports visionary and leader. I first met Lamar in 1969 and had the privilege of working closely with him on an extraordinary range of projects in a number of sports. He always led with vision, tenacity and humility. He played football at Southern Methodist University and was passionate about the game and a perfectionist as well. Above all else, he was intensely focused on the best interests of the fans -- especially his beloved Chiefs fans -- and on the collective interests of the league and of his fellow owners, no matter the sport. Norma and Lamar have always been among the most supportive friends and colleagues that Chan and I have had during our decades in the NFL. We will miss Lamar very deeply.

Len Dawson: Former Chiefs quarterback
Lamar Hunt had a dream and, the thing is, we had dreams, too. Just imagine the number of people that he has touched because he said, "I'm going after this dream."

Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys owner
He was a founder. He was the energy, really, that put together half of the league, and then he was the key person in merging the two leagues together. You'd be hard-pressed to find anybody that's made a bigger contribution (to the NFL) than Lamar Hunt.

William Herbert Hunt: Brother
I accused him of being in the entertainment business, but to him it was sports and it was a game. His high school friends that named him "Games" correctly named him.

Carl Peterson: Chiefs presidentLamar Hunt's a pioneer and a pillar of the National Football League. He's been innovative and creative throughout all the years he's been involved. There aren't enough words to accurately describe who Lamar Hunt was and what he has meant to the NFL and to Kansas City.

Robert Kraft: New England Patriots owner
When you walked in a room and you saw him and saw he was a part of something, you knew it was something that was branded with integrity and solid and something you could stand behind.

Bud Adams: Tennessee Titans owner and original AFL owner
He was not one to flaunt it. He just did it.

Don Garber: Major League Soccer commissioner
He was the man who invented the American Football League and coined the term Super Bowl, but when Lamar was talking about soccer there was that glint in his eye. It's just something very special and when the books are written, the book on American soccer is going to have chapters on Lamar Hunt and what he did both in the past and the present for the game here.

Rod Laver: Tennis legend
He was so instrumental in making tennis what it is today. He just knew the game hadn't been tapped in bringing sponsors in and creating it as a business and not just a game.

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