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Thoughts and reflections on Robert Tisch

Coach's, players and executives that were close to Giant's co-owner Robert Tisch offer their thoughts and reflections.

John Mara, Chief Operating Officer, New York Giants"To lose Bob Tisch so soon after we lost our father is especially heartbreaking for the Mara family. He not only was a great business partner, he was a dear friend to our family and to me personally. Our organization benefited greatly from Bob's contributions over the past 15 years. We will miss him terribly, and we will never forget everything he did for our family, our team and the numerous charitable causes to which he was devoted."

Ernie Accorsi, Giants General Manager, 1998-present
"Bob Tisch was a historic man in New York City history. His contributions ranged from government, both National and local, to the entertainment world to the sports world, but most important, to incredible charitable acts. His 'Take the Field' program was one of the most innovative and beautiful efforts in athletics in this country. His efforts provide fields of play for young New York athletes who otherwise would have no place to play. But in addition to these things and to his co-ownership of one of the great franchises in American sport, in addition to his brilliance and dynamic New York presence, was the soul of a good and decent man who cared about people and did countless deeds to help those less fortunate, acts which never received notice."

Tom Coughlin, Head Coach, New York Giants, 2004-present
"I gathered the coaches tonight and told them of the passing of Mr. Tisch. They were all in a state of shock, even though they were aware of Mr. Tisch's situation. They reflected on Bob Tisch and his life. It's just incredible that we've lost two pillars, two great men, two pillars of the community in a span of 21 days. It is a personal loss for me because I considered Bob to be a good friend. We missed having him at training camp, and we have missed his weekly visits to the office when he would stop and ask about our family and ask what we need to do our job better. He was a man of sincerity. He was straightforward. He was a tough guy, a man of courage. He loved the New York Giants and he liked being with the players and coaches and being associated with us during our working time when we were getting prepared. He came to visit me in the locker room just prior to our first two home games this season, just to check in and ask about the team. I miss that. He was a man of humble beginnings who became a champion of industry, one of the top businessmen in the world. What an incredible journey."

Michael Strahan, Player, New York Giants, 1993-present
"I'm very sad and almost at a loss for words. It's very difficult to put into words what he has meant to me. He has always been just absolutely incredible to me from the beginning of my career as a Giant, no matter who he was or what he had accomplished in his life. He lived an incredible life. He started with nothing and became one of the greatest businessmen in the country. We have to celebrate his life. He was my guy. I'll always remember going to lunch with him and sitting down in his office, just talking and having long conversations. Thinking about those times and then thinking about seeing him just the other day and visiting with him and having him wake up and squeeze my hand. It's just tough. I'm going to miss him but we must celebrate the great life he has lived, all the people he has touched and the love everyone has for him."

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